Quality Counts: The Nation Gets a ‘C’

Education Week released its 21st annual “Quality Counts” report on the state of the nation’s public schools. The conclusion? Stable achievement, with a grade of “C.”

Massachusetts was in first place for the third year in a row. Nevada is at the bottom. Ohio earned a grade of “C,” with 74.2 points, ranking 22nd,

Ohio exceeds the national average score in elementary reading, middle school math, and high school graduation. Our rank is 11th for integrating non-native English speaking children and 43rd for enrolling eligible children in kindergarten.  Here are Ohio’s general scores:

Chance for Success: C+ (78.1)

Early foundations: B (84.4) School years: C (75.0) Adult outcomes: C (75.9)

K-12 Achievement: C- (70.7)

Status: C- (69.8) Change: D (65.9) Equity: B- (80.9)

School Finance: C (73.8)

Equity: B (83.3) Spending: D (64.4)

Quality Counts grades the states and the nation on educational performance across a range of key indicators, issuing overall A-F grades based on a traditional 100-point scale.

Apply Now To Become A Teacher Leadership Initiative Fellow

The Columbus Education Association, in collaboration with the National Education Association, the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards and the Center for Teaching Quality, is seeking 30 CEA members to participate in the 2017 cohort of the Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI).

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A Post-Election Message from the NEA

The following is from a message posted on Nov. 9 by NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia:

“This morning we face the awesome responsibility of our profession: to comfort our children, to alleviate their fears, and to be a force for good in the world. We have an awesome responsibility to ensure that the worst of the campaign rhetoric does not become a reality—by standing up for what is right, by standing firm against values we know are wrong, and by standing firm in our efforts to build a better future.”

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