Each year, we support the United Negro College Fund. UNCF provides operating funds for its 39-member colleges, all of them small, liberal arts institutions, making it possible for them to offer their students 21st century academic programs while keeping their tuitions to less than half the average of other private colleges.

The program administers 400 scholarship and internship programs, allowing students from low- and moderate-income families to afford college tuition, books, room and board. Serving as a national advocate for the importance of minority higher education, UNCF represents the public policy interests of its students and member colleges, through its annual television program, “An Evening of Stars.”

UNCF has made a real difference in the lives of many CCS graduates, current staff members and local community leaders. Many students who have believed college to be an unachievable goal are now attending and graduating with distinction from institutions of higher learning throughout the United States. UNCF scholarships apply to all schools, not just historically black colleges and universities. Learn more at www.uncf.org