Superintendent Dixon,

We, the undersigned educators, and proud members of the Columbus Education Association, call upon your Administration to immediately institute a two-week temporary remote learning pause to get us through the worst of the current COVID-19 Omicron surge. First and foremost, we agree wholeheartedly with your position that the best learning takes place in-person, in our schools. We strongly believe that the best way to ensure maximum in-person learning in the coming months is to combat the current surge with decisive action today. Over the last two weeks, reported hospitalizations in Franklin County from COVID-19 are up by 25%. Reported test positivity is 20%. Cases are at record levels.

The current model of daily decisions to open some schools on below-skeleton staffing and close others, sometimes as late as 6:30 A.M. the same day, is (as you stated in the press) unsustainable. Data suggests that we have between a 20 to 30 percent substitute fill rate for absent educators. Even when educators can cover enough classes, reported staffing shortages in transportation and food service are causing late busses and inadequate distribution of meals to students. In addition, many buildings are reporting HVAC issues and are operating with little or no heat in the cold weather. This creates chaos and confusion for students, parents, and educators who don’t know what to expect. Worst of all, when inevitably poor staffing causes all schools to be closed, such as on Friday January 7, students receive no instruction whatsoever.

Our Union was told to expect clarity and communication by the end of last week. CEA leadership was invited to a virtual meeting on Thursday and expected to receive a draft plan for the coming weeks. Instead, unbelievably, we received a plan to send non-instructional staff (primarily administrators) remote with no changes for classroom educators. CEA indicated in no uncertain terms that this was unacceptable and insulting, and thankfully your Administration shelved the idea. Then on Friday, CEA was told to expect a communication from you to all CCS staff to provide some clarity, and instead got a business-as-usual message including the claim that “we are not seeing the spread of COVID-19 in our schools”, a statement that is simply outrageous and impossible to defend.

There is good news; January 17, 18, and 19 are already scheduled days of non-student attendance for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Records Day, and Professional Development. We can minimize learning loss and disruption to our community by calling a two-week pause inclusive of these days. This pause will help minimize the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron surge and can be used to allow administrators the time to secure and distribute proper masks, deep clean our buildings and potentially make repairs to the HVAC systems that are not working. In addition, we already have negotiated terms for remote learning in our current Memorandum of Understanding, meaning this can be done immediately with a structure in place to facilitate the best learning possible in the current circumstances.

This year, CEA members have been all-in to keep learning going amidst incredible challenges. Now we need our business community all-in too. We call on you, Mayor Ginther, and our City Council to ask the Columbus Partnership and all employers to provide maximum flexibility to parents during a temporary remote learning pause. This means remote work where possible, and paid time off for essential workers. This city routinely touts the benefits of “public-private partnerships”. Mostly this includes our tax dollars flowing into private coffers, now we need these companies to step up for our students and families and show that they too, are “all-in”. To get back to maximum in-person learning, let’s do what it takes to safely navigate the current surge with a two-week temporary remote learning pause.



1 Lisa Johnson 17th Ave
2 Fian Kunesh 17th Ave
3 Kelly McLeese 17th Ave
4 Denise Sizemore 17th Ave
5 Tammie Gale 17th Ave
6 Merele Wilder 17th Ave
7 Denise Sizemore 17th Ave
8 Mitchell Fleisher 17th Ave
9 Renee Gray 17th Ave
10 Bryan Haenszel 17th Ave / PAR Office
11 Jennifer Reed 17th Ave/PAR
12 Jennifer Sheehan 17th Ave/PAR
13 Bethany Bell 17th Avenue
14 Gregory Mild 17th Avenue
15 Kelly Telzrow 17th Avenue
16 Jennifer Weigand 17th St
17 Seneca 270 E. State St.
18 Gherima 270 E. State Street
19 Diana Turner 3700 S High
20 Cathy Mast 3700 S high
21 Pam Reed 3700 S High
22 Christina Kemp 3700 S High St
23 Ashley Brancaleone 3700 S High St
24 Jack Worth 3700 S High St
25 Jennifer Kinkela 3700 S High St
26 Ummu k. Abdallah 3700 S High St Columbus, OH  43207
27 Geri granger 3700 s high street
28 Dawn Hasselbach 3700 S. High
29 Julia Smith 3700 S. High
30 Tiffany Tynes Curry 3700 S. High @ Como (school site location)
31 Leasa Simmons 3700 S. High St
32 Denell Dellarco-Mesa 3700 S. High St.
33 Barbara Anne Bryan 3700 S. High St.
34 Alicia Maynard 3700 S. High Street
35 Kennette Edwards 3700 South High
36 Dawn Rondot 3700 South High
37 Alisa M. Jones 3700 South High Street
38 Bhim Basnet 3700 South High Street Columbus Ohio
39 Rhonda Moore 5 schools-Hudson
40 Nichole Humphrey 737 E. Hudson Ave
41 Debjani Biswas ACEC High School
42 Brittany Baker Adult & Community Education
43 Jennifer Wells Adult & Community Education @ Hudson
44 Jill Dudek Adult and Community Education – 2323 Lexington Avenue
45 Monnette Glason Africentric and Yorktown
46 Stephanie Meeks Africentric Early College
47 Clayton Wrighter Africentric HS
48 Dawn Goodenough AIMS
49 Dalton Faulder AIMS
50 Amber Williams-Little AIMS
51 Leilani K Kane AIMS
52 Melissa Schemmel Aims
53 Janice Kelley Stafford AIMS and Fort Hayes
54 Beth Boyd Alpine
55 Renee Burke Alpine
56 Laureen Cimoch Alpine
57 Paula Tome Alpine
58 Krystal Cates Alpine
59 Chris Richards Alpine
60 Sarah Emery Alpine and Winterset Elementary
61 Kimberly Bordo Alpine Elementary
62 Emily LaCorte Alpine Elmemtary
63 Amy Page Alpine ES
64 Allyssa Miller Alpine ES, Northland HS
65 Diana stockton Alpine/latchkey
66 Martha Oliver Art
67 Shannon Stoughton Arts IMPACT
68 Caren Stayer Arts Impact Middle School
69 Sharon Davenport Arts Impact Middle School
70 Sharon Gombas Arts Impact Middle School
71 Amanda Fidler Arts Impact Middle School
72 Emily Frooman Arts Impact Middle School
73 Caitlin Woods Arts Impact Middle School
74 Ana Flood Arts Impact Middle School
75 Gregory Waddell Arts Impact Middle School
76 Richard James Arts Impact Middle School
77 Jennifer DeVoe Arts Impact Middle School
78 Bryan Stoker Arts Impact Middle School
79 Justin Golenberg Arts Impact Middle School
80 Angela Bell Arts Impact Middle School
81 Benjamin Wozniak Arts Impact Middle School
82 Latanya J. McIntosh Arts Impact Middle School
83 Cecelia Capuano Arts Impact Middle School
84 Lindsay Bain Arts Impact Middle School
85 Sharon Davenport Arts Impact Middle School
86 Billie malechowski Arts impact middle school
87 Joan Huey Arts impact middle school
88 Nicol Kuhl Arts IMPACT Middle School
89 Shanna Clark Arts Impact Middle School
90 Michelle Clark Arts Impact MS
91 Juliann Tilger Arts Impact MS
92 T. O’Neal Arts IMPACT MS
93 Sharon Unrau Arts IMPACT MS
94 Judy L. Ritchie Avalon
95 Sarah Martin Avalon
96 Lisa Straughter Avalon
97 Camille Allen Avalon
98 Stacy Callahan Avalon
99 Liesel Parsons Avalon
100 Alice Butterworth Avalon
101 Chadwick Whyte Avalon
102 Courtney Sheehan-Lobert Avalon
103 Anita Mollica Avalon
104 Mary Hart Avalon
105 Stephanie Dillon Avalon
106 Deborah Tallman Avalon
107 Rosa Blosco Avalon
108 Leigh Taylor Avalon
109 Elizabeth Hoetger Avalon and Northgate
110 Robert Conley Avalon Elementary
111 Sarah Kling Avalon Elementary
112 Courtney Peterson Avalon Elementary
113 Tracy Ann Wirthman AVALON Elementary
114 Yolanda Connor Avalon ES
115 Amanda Mellott Avalon ES
116 Jacqueline Galbreath Avalon, Devonshire, Forest Park, Parkmoor, and Northtowne.
117 Sara Thomson Avondale
118 April Martin-Frederick Avondale
119 Darlena Jones Avondale
120 Buffy Burroughs Avondale
121 Ardith Tait Avondale
122 Molly Youngstrom Hagkull Avondale
123 Joy Seagraves Avondale
124 Maura Neumann Avondale
125 Keri Wilson Avondale and Highland
126 Carley Chambers Avondale Elementary
127 Andrew Nash Avondale Elementary School
128 Julie Stewart Avondale ES
129 Corey Fry Avondale ES
130 Seth Milum Avondale ES / Sullivant ES
131 Karen Brownfield Avondale/Cranbrook
132 Susanna Banche
133 D. Michelle Barnes
134 Sarah Bartczak
135 Kerry Prokop Beatty Park
136 William Davis Beatty Park
137 Margaret Rapp Boggess Beatty Park
138 Aimee Crosby Beatty Park
139 Jamie Schroeder Beatty Park
140 Stacy Wilfong Beatty Park Elementary
141 Jennifer Davis Beatty Park Elementary
142 Austin Hall Beatty Park Elementary School
143 Nicole Holley Beatty Park Elementary School
144 Molly Buzza Beatty Park ES
145 Nealita Callahan Beatty Park, Trevitt & Parkmoor Elementary
146 Flo Ray Beatty Park/Trevitt
147 Keri Helgerman Beaty Park
148 Amanda Clark Beechcroft
149 Amanda Cox Beechcroft
150 Robin Mayo-White Beechcroft
151 Amanda White Beechcroft
152 Rachelle Salyers Beechcroft
153 Tara Fox Beechcroft
154 Jason Weier Beechcroft
155 Elizabeth Smith Beechcroft
156 Jill Cohen Beechcroft High School
157 Katherine Ross Beechcroft High School
158 Sydney Aden Beechcroft High School
159 Karen Mogren Beechcroft High School
160 Steven Smith Beechcroft High School
161 Cassandra de Andrade Beechcroft High School
162 Marissa Abram Beechcroft High School
163 Brigette Rizzo Beechcroft High School
165 John Reagan Beechcroft High School
166 Christine Harris Beechcroft High School
167 James Noice Beechcroft High School
168 Daniel Lyons Beechcroft High School
169 Kathryn Huller Beechcroft High School
170 Jeffrey Grace Beechcroft High School
171 Tamara Moushey Beechcroft High School
172 Elizabeth A. Green Beechcroft High School
173 Alison Rhoton Beechcroft HS
174 Lacey Drake Beechcroft HS
175 matt hammons Beechcroft hs
176 Tori Amicon Beechcroft, Forest Park, Como
177 Robin Aagenas Beechcroft/WLMS
178 Donna Benke
179 Yvonne Osbourne Beoadleigh and Weinland Pk
180 Carolyn Bernard
181 Elizabeth Martin Berwick
182 Shamelle Warfield Berwick
183 Therese Elliott Berwick
184 Jeannine Nutter Berwick
185 Tiffani Long BERWICK
186 Maria Grossman Berwick
187 Janis Farley Berwick
188 Mauricca Elliott Berwick
189 Patricia Ranalli Berwick
190 Frances Penn Berwick
191 EuRonda  F. Kenley BERWICK  ALT. SCHOOL
192 Taylor West Berwick Alt. PK-8
193 Peggy Berwick Alternative
194 Kelly Hoyer Berwick Alternative
195 Rachel Stillwell Berwick alternative
196 Jasmine Kirk Berwick Alternative K-8
197 Erin Howell Berwick Alternative K-8
198 Keith Emrick Berwick Alternative K-8
199 Trenice Davidson Berwick Alternative PreK-8
200 Wanda Mays Berwick Alternative PreK-8
201 Jessica Reynolds Berwick Alternative prek-8
202 Lisa M. Huggins Berwick Alternative PreK-8
203 Zendra Stamm Berwick Alternative prek-8
204 Tracey Johnson Berwick Alternative PreK-8
205 Jennifer Norman Berwick Elementary
206 Stacy J Rhodes Berwick K8
207 Ramona Whitehurst Berwick K8
208 Kimberly Miesse-Hoy Berwick K-8
209 Janice White Berwick K-8
210 Katherine Goldman berwick K-8
211 Victoria Quiring Berwick K-8
212 Dr. Terry Logan-Mottinger Berwick K-8
213 Catherine Crosby Berwick K-8 School
214 Patrick Murphy Berwick PK-8
215 Tiffini Pannell Berwick Pre K-8
216 Marla McGee Berwick PreK-8
217 Peggy Callander Berwick PreK-8
218 Jeannette Johnson Berwick PreK-8 Alternative
219 Kayla Dodson Berwick/Liberty
220 Andrea Branham Berwick/Shady Lane
221 Jeanne Yungfleisch Binns
222 Jennelle Baker Binns
223 Tayah Barger Binns
224 Amy Carek Binns and Avondale
225 Carrie Shivers-Mazzei Binns and Eakin elementary schools
226 Rachel DeLucia Binns Elementary
227 Tonya Ely Binns Elementary
228 Cynthia Lacey-Hester Binns Elementary
229 Michelle Williams Binns Elementary
230 Shannon edwards Binns elementary
231 Beth Eshelman Binns Elementary
232 Kadie Renée Binns Elementary
233 Sara Radin Binns Elementary
234 Eric Butler Binns ES
235 Kim Allen Binns es
236 Nancy Alley Binns/Burroughs/Eakin/Georgian Heights/Lindbergh/Sullivant
237 Kerry Abraham Binns/Eakin
238 Kelly Paulin BlendED
239 Charlene McChesney BlendED
240 Katie Eisley Blended
241 Caleb Martin BlendED
242 Kay McCargish BlendEd
243 Lisa Ciminillo BlendED
244 Michelle Scott BlendED
245 Michelle Jeffries BlendED
246 Rebecca Shaffer BlendED
247 Alex While BlendEd
248 Jennifer Harvey BlendED
249 Elaine Grimm BlendEd
250 Monica Linson BlendED
251 Maree Bednar-Warren BlendEd (at East High School)
252 Cynthia Blaha BlendEd (East High School)
253 Julia Maggard BlendED 9-12
254 Deborah Rheyne BlendED 9-12
255 Anita Lindsay BlendED 9-12 @ Walnut Ridge HS
256 Brooke Huston BlendEd at East High
257 Traci  Cottrell BlendED housed at East High School
258 Loyann W. Brush BlendED Middle School
259 Lindsey Richards BlendED pre-K-5
260 Marianne Allen BlendED PreK-8 East High School
261 Christina Conforti BlendEd- Work out of East High School
262 Michael Motley BlendED/ Walnut Ridge
263 Julie Towns Boys School
264 Joe coplan Briggs
265 Omowale crowder Briggs
266 Rebecca oconnors Briggs
267 Lauren Fout Briggs
268 Stephanie Born Briggs High  School
269 Jana Iacampo Briggs High School
270 Julianne Blackston Briggs High School
271 Sheila Taylor Briggs High School
272 Hedia Diawara Briggs High School
273 Julie Russell Briggs High School
274 Fernando Natividad Briggs High School
275 Kelly Susi Briggs High School
276 Margaret Curry Briggs High School
277 Christopher George Newell Briggs High School
278 Robert Kolenz Briggs High School
279 Parris Bragg Briggs High School
280 Claire Tomasone Briggs High School
281 Jessica Sekelsky Briggs High School
282 Dena Sadek Briggs High School
283 Corrin Warkentin Briggs High School
284 Nikki Matson Briggs High School
285 Art Susi Briggs high school
286 Sara Williams Briggs HS
287 Christy Olson Briggs HS
288 Austin Hinz Briggs HS
289 Kendall Lawrence Briggs HS
290 Micah Dickerson Briggs HS
291 April Posey Briggs HS
292 Wendy Robinson Briggs HS
293 Jose Alvarez Briggs HS
294 Chrystina Scoglietti Briggs HS
295 Candace Miller Briggs HS
296 Adrienne Chodnowsky Briggs HS
297 Tani Y Erwin Briggs HS
298 Whitney Earley Briggs HS
299 Elaine Turner Broadleigh
300 Amina Omar Broadleigh
301 Linda Dupuis Broadleigh
302 Leighton Hines Broadleigh
303 Claire Bowman Broadleigh
304 Alyssa Talley Broadleigh
305 Deborah Kincaid Broadleigh and Cassady Elementary Schools
306 Yvonne Osbourne Broadleigh and Weinland Pk
307 Courtney Coman Broadleigh Elementary
308 Priscia Fomby Broadleigh Elementary
309 Zachary MacDonald Broadleigh Elementary
310 Jeanne Watkins Broadleigh elementary
311 Emily Velten Broadleigh elementary
312 Marla Yoder Broadleigh Elementary
313 Marissa Wittmann Broadleigh Elementary
314 Taylor Miller Broadleigh Elementary
315 Christina Peterson Broadleigh Elementary
316 Jennifer Visalli Broadleigh Elementary
317 Marissa Jenkins Broadleigh Elementary School
318 Ruhel Ghebretnsae Broadleigh Elementary School
319 Paulette Sow Broadleigh/Southland
320 Marc Brown
321 Carol McDonald Buckeye Middle
322 Laurie Simmons Buckeye Middle School
323 Stephen Fabina Buckeye Middle School
324 Phillip D. Hankins Buckeye Middle School
325 Michael Casale Buckeye Middle School
326 Richard Noble Buckeye Middle School
327 Loretha Standard Buckeye Middle School
328 Matthew Salminen Buckeye middle school
329 Samantha Vaughan Buckeye Middle School
330 Tebeh Walton Buckeye Middle School
331 Erica Miller Buckeye Middle School
332 Kira Shade-Ray Buckeye Middle School
334 Laura Morehead Buckeye Middle School
335 Allison Wallace Buckeye Middle School
336 Mary Hoffman Buckeye Middle School
337 Jeffrey Darst BUCKEYE middle school
338 Kristen Black Buckeye Middle School
339 Stephanie Ely Buckeye Middle School
340 J. Asnicar Buckeye MS
341 Lott Carter Buckeye MS
342 John Ferrell Buckeye MS
343 Mary Mayer Buckeye MS
344 Barbara Lafferty Buckeyee Ms
345 Toni Clark Burroughs
346 Kimberly Baxter Burroughs
347 Nina Kelly Burroughs
348 Ali Schroeder Burroughs
349 Teresa Morgan Burroughs
350 Lisa Clinger Burroughs
351 Peter Ford Burroughs
352 Kelly Steggeman Burroughs
353 Rhenda Remle Burroughs
354 Rebecca Rammel Burroughs
355 Kelly Haas Burroughs
356 Lexi Myers Burroughs
357 Nicole Richmond Burroughs
358 Christine Burgess Burroughs
359 Lisa Clinger Burroughs
360 Leslie Imsande-Jones Burroughs
361 Pam Gould Burroughs Elementary
362 Mike Burkey Burroughs Elementary
363 Alana Poff Burroughs Elementary
364 Kate Wooddell Burroughs Elementary
365 Nodjia W. Jensen Burroughs Elementary
366 Katie Casale Burroughs Elementary
367 Molly Chess Burroughs Elementary
368 Meredith Simon Burroughs Elementary School
369 Lacey Leath Burroughs Elementary School
370 Ellen  Galli Burroughs Elementary School
371 Kimberly Taylor Burroughs ES
372 Brittany Sparks Burroughs ES
373 Jena Studabaker Burroughs ES
374 Heather Tucker Burroughs ES
375 Amy Davison Burroughs ES
376 Megan Bartlett Burroughs/Lindbergh Elementary
377 Jill Case CAEC
378 Alex Stansbery CAEC
379 Courtney Birkhimer CAEC
380 Alexis CAEC
381 Yolanda Byrd CAEC
382 Roma Johnson CAEC
383 Michael Barnes CAEC
384 Marianne Richardson CAEC
385 Rachel Fountain CAEC
386 Alexandria Schmitt CAEC HS
387 Terry L Ingram CAEC middle school
388 Jason Stone CAHS
389 Victoria Dorony CAHS
390 Justin Foley CAHS
391 Cecilia Beltran CAHS
392 Stephen M Wynne CAHS
393 Samantha Smith CAHS
394 Michael Shirley CAHS
395 Victoria Goodwin CAHS
396 Christina  Harris CAHS
397 Joseph Crawford CAHS
398 Leslie Scott CAHS
399 Michele Conkle Cassady
400 Angela Tyson Cassady
401 Jessica Cyrus Cassady
402 Diamond Grant Cassady
403 Lonita temple-Jackson Cassady
404 Emily North Athans Cassady
405 Natanya Pritchett Cassady Alternative Elementary
406 Myra Weisman Cassady Alternative Elementary
407 Sara Herdman Cassady Alternative Elementary School
408 Lauren Haga Cassady Elementary
409 Barbara Motley Cassady Elementary
410 Heather Joyce Cassady elementary
411 Kelli Kahle Cassady Elementary
412 Steven Laszewski Cassady Elementary
413 Olivia Craig Cassady Elementary
414 Allison Grywalski Cassady elementary
415 Charles Fisher Cassady Elementary
416 Stacey Oberting Cassady Elementary
417 Stephanie Miltko Cassady Elementary
418 Brandy Collier Cassady Elementary
419 Stacey Blackstone Cassady Elementary
420 Kourtny Morgan Cassady Elementary
421 Sarah Kakoules Cassady Elementary & South Mifflin STEM
422 Neda Miyashiro Cassady ES
423 Liana Sage Cassady ES and Trevitt ES
424 Brenda Crumley-Gorman Cassady, Innis, East Linden, North Linden, and Huy
425 John Emmerich Cassady/Huy/Maize/Northtowne
426 Julia Gambill Cassady-353
427 Evelyn Cado-Curtiss CCPSB
428 Megan Banks CCPSB
429 Nate Lawrence Ccpsb
430 Jill Bennett CCPSB
431 Jennifer Bradley CCPSB
432 Joy Hickey CCPSB
433 Phil Brunton CCPSB
434 Laura Zoeller CCPSB and CCPSG
435 April Stewart CCPSG
436 Dustin Reuter CCPSG
437 Elizabeth Braun CCPSG
438 Yolanda Johnson CCPSG
439 Mike Norling CCS
440 Linda Bostic CDHS
441 Brandy O’Hearn CDHS
442 Greg hatosky Cdhs
443 Katherine Lennon CDHS
444 Ben Barragan CDHS
445 Steven Schmidt CDHS
446 Sharon D. Brown CDHS
447 Deanne Hale CE
448 Tina Crist Ce
449 Aileen Clark CE ECE Itinerant
450 Tai Hayden CEA
451 Cindy Love CEA
452 Phil Hayes CEA Office
453 Teri  Mullins CEA Office
454 Kathleen Budd CEC
455 Henry Zak Cedarwood
456 Alkebu Parks Cedarwood
457 Kaitlin Blankenship Cedarwood
458 Teresa Manring Cedarwood
459 Sonya Bryant Cedarwood
460 Teresa Rollins Cedarwood
461 Robyn Chernack Cedarwood
462 Matt Vrbanac Cedarwood Elementary
463 Rachel Ostrander Cedarwood Elementary
464 Emily Regan Cedarwood Elementary
465 Tammy Hatfield Cedarwood Elementary
466 Matt Hower Cedarwood Elementary School
467 Paul White Cedarwood Elementary School
468 Heather Thompson Cedarwood ES
469 Megan Katz Cedarwood ES
470 Chad Smith Centennial
471 Jacqueline Levakis Centennial
472 Valerie Long Centennial
473 Jennifer Blair Centennial
474 Nicholas hardy Centennial
475 Barbara Meleg Centennial
476 Julianne Ballog Centennial
477 Jennifer Reese Centennial
478 Kristi Laslo Centennial
479 Kriston Crombie Stotik Centennial
480 Megan Shilling Centennial High School
481 David Leatherwood Centennial High School
482 Krista Jacob Centennial High School
483 Allison Eckert Centennial High School
484 Georgia O’Hara Centennial High School
485 Jennifer M. La Place Centennial High School
486 Sarah  Barry Centennial High School
487 Celene Burt Centennial High School
488 Kira Young Centennial High School
489 Mary Taylor Centennial High School
490 Tomeka Howell Centennial High School
491 Brady Mccullough Centennial High School
492 Natalie Billingsley Centennial High School
493 Leanne Rubadue Centennial High School
494 Allison Eckert Centennial High School
495 Andrew Martin Centennial High School
496 Rebekah Krauss Centennial High School
497 Pamela Welsh-Huggins Centennial High School
498 Nina L. Barksdale Centennial High School
499 Chad M. Allen Centennial High School
500 Katie Newcomer Centennial high school
501 Brian Frasure Centennial HS
502 Anton Sarossy Centennial HS
503 Jennifer Zutterling Centennial HS
504 Carrie Evans Centennial HS
505 Sara Penny Centennial HS
506 Mark Ripper Central enrollment
507 Kathy Hendershot Central Enrollment
508 Jeannie Bakker Central Enrollment
509 Lynnette Cosby Central Enrollment
510 Theresa Jester Central Enrollment
511 Roxanne Ritchey Central Enrollment
512 Cori Heflin Central Enrollment
513 Wendy Duhl Central Enrollment
514 Natalie Baker Central Enrollment
515 Terra Vajcner Central Enrollment
516 Julie Keown Central Enrollment
517 Jacqueline Broderick Patton Central Enrollment
518 Malinda Marfurt Central enrollment
519 Jennifer Welker Central Enrollment
520 Ebony Merchant Central enrollment
521 Kevin Boehm Central enrollment
522 Tracy Valentine Central enrollment, g Tyree head start
523 Jaime Baratie Central Enrollment/Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
524 Tiffany A. Eggleston, Ph.D. Central Enrollment/Psychological Services
525 Tamiko Carter Central Enrollment-Early Childhood Education
526 Kristen Groom Central Enrollment-ECE
527 Carrie Loudon CGA
528 Cameron Fischer CGA
529 Anastasia Stuntz CGA
530 Elizabeth Stanley Champion
531 Cassie Burkett Champion Middle
532 Yasmin Sheffey Champion Middle School
533 Holly williams Champion middle school
534 Chrischele McDaniel Champion Middle School
535 Melissa Scott Champion Middle School
536 Tiffany L. James White Champion Middle School
537 Tocka Barrett Champion Middle school
538 Sherrie Williams Champion Middle School
539 Jillian McCarter Champion Middle School
540 Tracy Roese Champion Middle School
541 Eric Stone Champion Middle School
542 Stephen C McGrath Champion Middle School
543 D Keith Adams Champion Middle School
544 Carol Jackson Champion Middle School
545 Jennifer Dudley Champion Middle School
546 Melissa Funk Champion Middle/Col. Gifted Academy
547 Jessi Woods Champion MS
548 Andrea Spaulding Champion MS
549 Lisa Anderson CIHS
550 Kyle Schriner Clinton
551 Katie Allen Clinton
552 Michelle Coneglio Clinton
553 Catherine Miller Clinton
554 Amy Parzinger Clinton Elementary
555 Sarah Rough Clinton Elementary
556 Keith Beveridge Clinton elementary
557 Debra Keller-Perry Clinton Elementary School
558 Dalrena Roberts Clinton Elementary school
559 Kristy Lilley Clinton ES
560 Amanda Harrison Clinton ES
561 Travis Damicone Clinton ES, Cranbrook ES, Gables ES, Indian Springs ES, Winterset ES
562 Aaron Dean CNIS
563 Maggie Ananou CNIS
564 Susan Weitz Colerain
565 Ashley Weaver Colerain
566 Amy Thomas Colerain
567 John Vance Colerain
568 Kim Facklef Colerain
569 Abigail Hamilton Colerain
570 Amy Thomas Colerain
571 Amy Newsome Colerain
572 Mary Tufts Colerain
573 Chris Williams Colerain
574 Larkin Anderson Colerain
575 Danielle mazer Colerain
576 Christine Althouse Colerain and other schools for APE
577 Kimberly Kaufman Colerain Elementary
578 Nicole Bell Colerain Elementary
579 Ayisha Marawi Colerain Elementary
580 Robert Owens Colerain Elementary
581 Julia Williams Colerain Elementary
582 Morgan Loverde Colerain Elementary School
583 Stacy Dilts Colerain ES
584 Jennifer Bakle Colerain Home Instruction
585 Andrea Tippery Cols Intl, Medina MS, Whetstone HS, Centennial HS
586 Anna Morbitzer Cols scioto 6-12
587 Steve Murray Columbus  Alternative High School
588 Jill Case Columbus Africentric
589 Mark Christley Columbus Africentric
590 Steph Trawick Columbus Africentric
591 Hendye Larenas Columbus Africentric
592 Laurie Tufts Columbus Africentric Early College
593 Heather Clements Columbus Africentric Early College
594 Ellen West Columbus Africentric Early College
595 Rachell Ridley-Steward Columbus Africentric Early College
596 Tyrell Reggins Columbus Africentric Early College
597 Latonya Hobson Columbus Africentric Early College
599 Lovell Tufts Columbus Africentric Early College
600 Andrea Cooper Columbus Africentric Early College ES
601 Tori Washington Columbus Africentric Early College HS
602 Teresa Jones Columbus Africentric Early College K12
603 Brya Coleman Columbus Africentric Early College K-12
604 Hazel Abbott-Ayodele Columbus Africentric Early College Pre-K-12/Starling K-8
605 Victoria Vendramin Columbus Alternative High School
606 Elizabeth Soucheck Columbus Alternative High School
607 Steve Murray Columbus Alternative High School
608 Paul E Hackworth III Columbus Alternative High School
609 Joanne Phillips Wilson Columbus Alternative High School
610 Matthew Schmidt Columbus Alternative High School
611 Jeffrey Knick Columbus Alternative High School
612 Neil Moore Columbus Alternative High School
613 Kristi McCord Columbus Alternative High School
614 Megan Higgins Columbus Alternative High School
615 Kevin Jennison Columbus Alternative High School
616 Jennifer Sheets Columbus Alternative High School
617 Rachel Barkeloo Columbus Alternative High School
618 Gretchen Fabian Columbus Alternative High School
619 Jamie Foley Columbus Alternative HS
620 Allison Brooks Columbus City Prep for Girls
621 Anyllah Baker Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys
622 Thurron Barnett Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys
623 Erin Gutridge Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
624 Adam Hohl Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
625 Jenna Whitaker Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
626 Darla Jackson Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
627 Cheli Cappetta Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
628 Taylor Hayes Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
629 Stefanie Heinsen Columbus Downtown High
630 Bruce Mortland Columbus Downtown High School
631 Gary Penn Columbus Downtown High School
632 Brittany Sherman Columbus Downtown High School
633 Antonetta Dillon Columbus Downtown High School
634 Teari Buari Columbus Downtown High School
635 Stacey Thompson Columbus Downtown High School
636 Jayme Schumacher Columbus Downtown High School
637 Craig Koehler Columbus Downtown High school
638 Kristina Naegele Columbus Downtown High School
639 Ardath Nash Columbus Downtown High School
640 Dan Bandman Columbus Downtown High School
641  Valerie Mickens Columbus Downtown High School
642 Chris Weyand Columbus Downtown High School
643 Anthony Ruffin Columbus downtown high school
644 Allison Bronder Columbus Downtown High School
645 Samara Strode Columbus Downtown High School
646 Regina Scott Columbus Downtown High School
647 Kevin Sullivan Columbus Downtown High School.
648 Kim Dykstra Columbus Downtown HS
649 Ruciana Pate Columbus East High School
650 Siedia Woods Columbus East High School
651 John Coneglio Columbus Education Association
652 Christopher G Ross Columbus Gifted Academy
653 Samantha Dorsey Columbus Gifted Academy
654 Kelly Aitken Columbus Gifted Academy
655 Michelle Alder Columbus Gifted Academy
656 David Haskell Columbus Gifted Academy
657 Dyren Billups-Adams Columbus Gifted Academy
658 Traci Palmore Columbus Gifted Academy
659 Julie Crosby Columbus Gifted Academy
660 Colby Roseberry Columbus Gifted Academy
661 Laurel Murphy Columbus Gifted Academy
662 Deborah Ferrell Columbus Gifted Academy
663 Sam Scillia Columbus Gifted Academy
664 Christina Vermilion Columbus Gifted Academy
665 Nicole Prunty Columbus Gifted Academy
666 Kira Dolley Columbus Gifted Academy
667 Madison Welker Columbus Gifted Academy
668 Carolyn Willis Columbus Gifted Academy
669 Elise Bodnyk Columbus Gifted Academy
670 Stephanie Stegall Columbus Gifted Academy
671 Matthew Hall Columbus Gifted Academy
672 Anne Bowen Columbus Gifted Academy
673 KRISTA  JACOBS Columbus Gifted Academy / Oakmont Elementary School
674 Angela Smith Columbus Global Academy
675 Caryn C Shapiro Columbus Global Academy
676 Adam Lammers Columbus Global Academy
677 Tripti Agarwal Columbus Global Academy
678 Cory Velazco Columbus Global Academy
679 Adam Simon Columbus Global Academy
680 Chhurn-Lee Neimeister Columbus Global Academy
681 Abdi Ibro Columbus Global Academy
682 Tonya Schuetz Columbus Global Academy and Columbus North International
683 Yelena Itunina Columbus Global Academy@Brookhaven
684 Lizeth Espinoza Guzman Columbus International High School
685 Kelly Weinfurtner Columbus International High School
686 Maya Shaaban Columbus International High School
687 Coral Bishop Columbus International High School
688 Alexandra Lendon Columbus International High School
689 Shannon Tuzzi Columbus International High School
690 Karen Bromberg Columbus International High School
691 Johnna CornetteParker Columbus International High School
692 Tracie Helmbrecht Columbus International High School
693 shao-tung Chen Columbus International High School
694 Julie Cunigan Columbus International HS
695 Lisa Brandt Columbus International HS
696 Tera-Lee Stockdale Columbus International HS
697 Thomas Trang Columbus International School
698 Rebecca Vasilakis Columbus intetnational
699 Kathy Varian Columbus North International
700 Yan Xun Columbus North International School
701 Vincent Tubuo Columbus North International School
702 Mary Barber Columbus North International School
703 Todd Vanmeter Columbus Prep for Girls
704 Philip Schumacher Columbus Prep School for Girls
705 Amy Essig Columbus Preparatory School for Girls
706 Jeffrey Dapo Columbus Scioto
707 Courtney Leatherman Columbus Scioto
708 brenda stone Columbus Scioto
709 Ellen Petruzzella Columbus Scioto
710 Stacy Camp Columbus Scioto
711 Tina Logan Columbus Scioto
712 Denise Dickerson Columbus scioto 6-12
713 Amanda Kelley Jackson Columbus Scioto 6-12
714 Aaron Gibbs Columbus Scioto 6-12
715 Kelly George Columbus Scioto 6-12
716 Kelly Columbus Scioto 6-12
717 Ariam Sebhatu Columbus Scioto 6-12
718 Joseph Gogolin Columbus Scioto 6-12
719 Jessica Jones Columbus Scioto 6-12
720 Sarah Shively Columbus Scioto 6-12
721 Amiee Wyatt Columbus Scioto 6-12
722 Sarah Clendenin Columbus Scioto 6-12
723 Rebecca Perkins Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
724 Silvia Morales Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
725 Sabena Arrington Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
726 AnnaMaria Conte Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
727 Jessica Dackin Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
728 Joanna Tampurages Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
729 Gloria Pagan Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
730 Chris Timlin Columbus Wedgewood Middle School
731 Tenea Christian Como
732 Susan Zeppernick Como
733 Jennifer Neuhardt Como
734 Sandra Bopp Como
735 Carrie Plourde Como
736 Samantha Lepley Como
737 Ryan Buening Como Elementary
738 Lyndy Bowen Como Elementary
739 Ryan Tackett Como Elementary
740 Meg Paolacci Como Elementary
741 Emily Manahan Como Elementary School
742 Emily E. Bailey Como Elementary School
743 Karen Nussdorfer Como Elementary School
744 Sherry Breeden Como Elementary School
745 April Barnhart Como ES
746 Dalton Stout Como ES / Valley Forge ES
747 Donna Harris Como, Colerain, Weinland Park, Duxberry Park, Salem
748 Paula Haven Cranbrook
749 Kristin Roth Cranbrook
750 Jody Bruck Cranbrook
751 Leah Turner Cranbrook
752 Laura Kravitz Cranbrook
753 Kristin Roth Cranbrook
754 Deepa N Ganschinietz Cranbrook Elementary
755 Sara Tibbs Cranbrook Elementary
756 Christine Moore Cranbrook Elementary
757 Allison Voelker Cranbrook Elementary
758 Amy Weyand Cranbrook Elementary
759 Wyland Bontrager Cranbrook Elementary
760 Danielle Dugan Cranbrook Elementary
761 John Huey Cranbrook Elementary
762 Megan Adair Cranbrook ES
763 Traci L Arway Cranbrook/Winterset/Hudson
764 Miguel Daza CSIA
765 Michelle Fye CSIA
766 Kelly Siegel CSIA
767 Judith McCombs CSIA
768 Megan Miller CSIA
769 Wakita Settles CSIA
770 Elaine Nowak Devonshire
771 Christopher J Boyd Devonshire
772 Jennifer Coty Devonshire
773 Kristen weimer Devonshire
774 Christina Robertson Devonshire
775 Mary Young Devonshire
776 Morgan Beck Devonshire Alternative Elementary
777 Tammy Schulze Devonshire Alternative Elementary School
778 Michelle Kwan Devonshire Elementary
779 Mary Herdman Devonshire Elementary
780 Lauren Sferrella Devonshire Elementary
781 Atanya Brown Devonshire Elementary
782 Tonya Willow McAdams Devonshire Elementary
783 Eileen Weidner Devonshire Elementary
784 Shannon Dalesandry Devonshire Elementary school
785 Alexis Novotny Devonshire ES
786 Katherine Scott Devonshire Project Adventure Elementary
787 Rose Lyle Devonshire Project Adventure Elementary School
788 Melissa Webb District
789 Alyssa Walker Dominion
790 Ashley Maingi Dominion
791 Timothy Meyer Dominion
792 Josh chambers Dominion middle
793 Stacy Piper Dominion Middle School
794 Sarah Priebe Dominion Middle School
795 Linda Long Dominion Middle School
796 Kristin Dyce Dominion Middle School
797 Angela Staten Dominion Middle School
798 Andrea Manfresca Dominion Middle School
799 Michelle Treaster Dominion Middle School
800 Emily Whittaker Dominion Middle School
801 Samantha Brumbaugh Dominion Middle School
802 Andrew Pratt Dominion Middle School
803 Wendy Foster Dominion Middle School
804 Lauren Bryant Dominion Middle School
805 Francwau DuBose Dominion Middle School
806 Brianna Redd Dominion Middle School
807 Vincent Lombardo Dominion Middle School
808 Kelly Mitchell Dominion Middle School
809 Erin Royse Dominion Middle School
810 Timothy Sebetich Dominion Middle School
811 Anita Simonis Dominion middle school
812 Elizabeth Jones Dominion Middle School
813 Crystal Dougherty Dominion Middle School
814 Jamie Bro Dominion Middle School
815 Carolyn Chew Dominion Middle School
816 Rebecca Nutter Dominion Middle School
817 Kelley Rasberry Dominion MS
818 Heather Caldwell Sebetich Dominion MS
819 Rebecca Palazzo Dominion MS
820 Kari Yates Dominion/Whetstone
821 Melissa Littin Duxberry
822 Ashley McClain Duxberry
823 Kirsten Morrison Duxberry
824 Paige DeMatteo Duxberry Arts IMPACT
825 James Morris Duxberry Arts Impact
826 Mr. Desiree’ D. Taylor Duxberry Arts IMPACT Elementary School
827 Terri Griffin Duxberry Elementary
828 Micah Evans Duxberry Elementary
829 Micah Evans Duxberry Elementary School
830 Kim Belford Duxberry Park
831 Briana Francis Duxberry Park
832 Kenya Davis Duxberry Park Arts IMPACT elementary
833 Philip Baltzer Duxberry Park Arts IMPACT Elementary School
834 Keisha Trammell Duxberry Park Arts Impact ES
835 Anna Amer Duxberry Park Elementary
836 Nichole Martin-Similton E. Linden
837 Seth Harms EAHS
838 R. Green EAHS
839 Mary Church Eakin
840 Sona Eggleston Eakin
841 Devorah Schlein Eakin and Burroughs elementary
842 Pamela Seeley Eakin Elementary
843 Cynthia Cullen Eakin Elementary
844 Katherine Oberlander Eakin Elementary
845 Jennifer Angelcyk Eakin Elementary
846 Kimberly Saunders East and walnut ridge
847 Michele Walton East Columbus
848 Robin Roberson East Columbus Elementary
849 Robin Roberson East Columbus Elementary
850 Melissa Willis East Columbus Elementary
851 Nicole Rose East Columbus Elementary
852 Victoria Kramer East Columbus Elementary
853 Rebecca Pharo East Columbus Elementary
854 Keturah Traina East Columbus Elementary
855 Jillian Hinkson East Columbus Elementary
856 Diane Sedziol East Columbus Elementary
857 Christine Ray East Columbus elementary
858 Stephanie Lowe East Columbus Elementary
859 Amy Simpson East Columbus Elementary
860 Lauri Reed East Columbus Elementary
861 Diane Sedziol East Columbus Elementary School
862 Kamilah Hawthorne East Columbus Elementary School
863 Kie Watkins East Columbus Elementary School
864 L Jennifer Hickin East Columbus Elementary School
865 Donna Davis East Columbus ES
866 Benita Smith East Columbus ES
867 Lisa Johnson East Columbus ES
868 Susan Burchett East Columbus ES
869 Amy Anders East Columbus ES
870 Danica Hall East High
871 Asif Shao East high
872 Karen Fiedler East High School
873 Charme Propps East High School
874 Dwayne Zimmerman East High School
875 Cathy Saunders East High School
876 Christopher Irick East High School
877 Gary Metzenbacher East High School
878 McKenzie Messer East High School
879 Jessica Reiniger East High School
880 Audrey Kovach East High school
881 Jordan Masterson East High School
882 Rachel Narra East High School
883 Roni Becht East High School
884 Clarissa Bates East High School
885 Ardelia Young East High School
886 Christina Engle East High School
887 Evan Maxson East High School
888 Lindsay Santen East High School
889 Deidre Opoku East High School/Health Services
890 Mandy Medley East Highschool
891 Tina Thompson East HS
892 Stephanie Williams EAST HS
893 Mallory Griffith East HS
894 Lisa Ruman East Linden
895 Tayana Patterson East linden
896 Ivory Foter East Linden
897 Faye Love East Linden
898 Erica Slasor East Linden
899 Janette Thomas East Linden & South Mifflin
900 Cara Miller East Linden and South Mifflin Elem.
901 Jacquise Clack – Wade East Linden Elementary
902 Shauna Boyd East Linden Elementary
903 Emily Hartung East Linden Elementary
904 Allyson Fritchen East linden Elementary school
905 Tiffany Damicone East Linden ES
906 Sydnee Leathers East linden Es
907 Timesha Rogers East Linden ES
908 Michaelena Stinziano Eastgate
909 Erin Jolley Eastgate
910 Connie Walker Eastgate
911 Alison Martin Eastgate Elem
912 Terri Long Eastgate Elementary
913 Hannah elhard Eastgate Elementary
914 Melissa Tanyhill Eastgate Elementary
915 Sarah Giglio Eastgate Elementary
916 Linda Mensah Eastgate Elementary School
917 Michael Cromer Eastgate Elementary School
918 Sarah DeRose Eastgate Elementary School
919 Melanie McCualsky Eastgate ES
920 Cherece Harris Eastgate/Ohio Ave/Hubbard
921 Lisa Mitchell Easthaven
922 Lisa Atkinson Easthaven
923 Francesca  Toomey Easthaven
924 Brad Morris Easthaven
925 Jessica Hayward Easthaven
926 Mallory Robinett Easthaven
927 Colleen Ramirez Easthaven
928 Kelley McLafferty Easthaven
929 Hannah Roberts Easthaven
930 Brenda Engram Easthaven  Elementary
931 Rachel Aepelbacher Easthaven  Elementary
932 Orly Amor Easthaven and ECE
933 Carley Gazette Easthaven Elementary
934 Coretta Towns Easthaven Elementary
935 Noah Brudapast Easthaven Elementary
936 Cynthia Bradley Easthaven Elementary
937 Chad Wilkins Easthaven Elementary
938 Jody Barnes Easthaven Elementary
939 Revonne Hammond Easthaven Elementary School
940 Shannon Ademu-John Easthaven Elementary School
941 Aaron Basha Easthaven ES
942 Sonya Levatte Easthaven ES
943 Angela Robinson Easthaven ES
944 Miriam Hunter Easthaven ES
945 Erin Greer Tuck Easthaven ES
946 Beth Bare Easthaven ES
947 Annelise Taggart Easthaven ES & Northgate IS
948 Tara L Johnson Eastmoor
949 Tara Jones Eastmoor
950 Phyllis Davis Eastmoor
951 Sean Kiff Eastmoor Academy
952 Chiquita Toure Eastmoor Academy
953 Troy Weis Eastmoor Academy
954 Melissa Fry Eastmoor Academy
955 Jason Lewis Eastmoor Academy
956 William Compton Eastmoor Academy
957 Angela J. Thompson Eastmoor Academy
958 Sara Marrero Eastmoor Academy
959 Samantha Glasser Eastmoor Academy
960 Renee Kelley Eastmoor Academy
961 Kelsey Pakkala Eastmoor Academy
962 Linda Duellman Eastmoor Academy
963 Benjamin Alexander Eastmoor Academy
964 Cecil Fuentes Eastmoor Academy
965 Alicia Caruthers Eastmoor Academy
966 Taraja Shephard Allen Eastmoor Academy
967 Lori Jackson Eastmoor Academy
968 George Edmonds Eastmoor Academy
969 Chiah Valentine Eastmoor academy
970 Regina R. Fuentes Eastmoor Academy
971 Justin Pope Eastmoor Academy
972 Troy Sintobin Eastmoor Academy
973 Brian Koranyi Eastmoor Academy
974 April Walsh Eastmoor Academy
975 Kellie Wilburn Eastmoor Academy H.S
976 Bruce Jacobs Eastmoor Academy High School
977 Kyle Weyer Eastmoor Academy High School
978 Chloe Heins Eastmoor Academy High School
979 Teresa Provens Eastmoor Academy High School
980 Madelyn Moore Eastmoor Academy High School
981 Jessica Manneh Eastmoor Academy High School
982 Mona Simons Eastmoor Academy High School
983 Jennifer Mosic Eastmoor Academy HS
984 Joe Crowley Eastmoor Academy HS
985 Teasha Hardy Eastmoor, CCPSG
986 Kathleen Clark ECE
987 Izetta Thomas ECE @ Central Enrollment
988 Lauren Tullis Ecole Kenwood
989 Isabelle Cadenel Ecole Kenwood
990 Hannah Reese Ecole Kenwood
991 Amye Sukapdjo Ecole Kenwood
992 Marieme Ly Ecole Kenwood
993 Aliou Sall Ecole Kenwood
994 Rebecca Jezerinac Ecole Kenwood
995 Tara Nevius Ecole Kenwood
996 Ashley Thorsberg École Kenwood
997 Claire Wilson Ecole Kenwood
998 Sarah Grosh Ecole Kenwood
999 Marisa Johnson Ecole Kenwood
1000 Tovah Foster Ecole Kenwood
1001 Robin Vanden Noven École Kenwood ES
1002 Maria Degleffetti Ecole Kenwood French Immersion
1003 Diana Borgese Ecole Kenwood French Immersion Elementary School
1004 Diana Borgese Ecole Kenwood French Immersion Elementary School
1005 Joseph McFadden École Kenwood French Immersion Elementary School
1006 Rebecca Coyne Elementary Art
1007 Holly Ekkens Elementary Music Scottwood and Colerain
1008 rebecca lance esl department
1009 Rachael Anson Exceptional Student Services
1010 Michelle Hall Fairmoor
1011 Marlena Holt Fairmoor
1012 Chrissy Rawlins Fairmoor
1013 Melissa Michalek Fairmoor
1014 Angie Kipfer Fairmoor
1015 Elizabeth Keller Fairmoor
1016 Dorie Schriner-Murray Fairmoor
1017 Kaelan Mortensen Fairmoor Elementary
1018 Lindsay Brown Fairmoor Elementary
1019 Nicole Gaiters Fairmoor Elementary
1020 Ashley Guilfoyle Fairmoor Elementary
1021 Rachel Lafferty Fairmoor Elementary
1022 Elaine Norton Fairmoor Elementary
1023 Shenita Lyons Fairmoor Elementary
1024 Sarah Neal Fairmoor Elementary
1025 Corey Ganoom BSN RN LSN Fairmoor Elementary School
1026 Carolyn Cunningham Fairmoor Elementary School
1027 Andrew Garman Fairmoor Elementary School
1028 Courtney Myers Fairmoor Elementary School
1029 Christina Reed Fairmoor Elementary School
1030 Elizabeth Wiechman Nelson Fairmoor Elementary School
1031 Brandi Asmus Fairmoor ES
1032 Annie Weiler Fairmoor ES
1033 Anhdao Nguyen Fairmoor ES
1034 Kristen Schreiber Fairmoor/Leawood ES
1035 Jim Mosier Fairwood
1036 Beth Shelton Fairwood
1037 Tascha Meadows Fairwood
1038 Mary Margaret Falcone Fairwood
1039 Jermaine Davis Fairwood Alt Elementary
1040 Jermaine Davis Fairwood Alt Elementary
1041 christine hembree fairwood Altern.
1042 McKenzie Raderstorf Fairwood Alternative Elementary
1043 Jeannemarie Flanagan Fairwood alternative Elementary
1044 Courtney Blackenberry Fairwood Alternative Elementary
1045 Sean Ferron Fairwood Alternative Elementary
1046 Todd Clayborn Fairwood Alternative Elementary School
1047 Gillian Jennings Fairwood Alternative Elementary School
1048 Antoinette Dawson Fairwood Alternative Elementary School
1049 Christine hembree Fairwood Ave.
1050 Sheri Welch Fairwood Elementary
1051 Carly Majoy Fairwood Elementary
1052 Hope Hurst Fairwood Elementary
1053 Lauren Peterson FHAA
1054 Dana Matunas FHCC
1055 Jody Minter Forest Park
1056 Elizabeth Brown Forest Park
1057 Amy Mizer Forest Park
1058 Marcie Day Forest Park
1059 Jennifer Scarbrough Forest Park
1060 Deborah Mack Forest Park
1061 Christine Grant Forest Park
1062 Robin Booth-Winslow Forest Park
1063 Dana Robinson Forest Park Elementary
1064 Ashley Green Forest Park Elementary
1065 Carla Davis Forest Park Elementary
1066 Brandie Esposito-Yator Forest Park Elementary School
1067 Jill Bayler Forest Park Elementary School
1068 Tina Carpenter Forest Park ES
1069 Kristen Forest Park ES
1070 Carol Comanita Forest Park ES
1071 Mark Jones Fort Hayes
1072 Teresa Weidenbusch Fort Hayes
1073 Amie Love Fort Hayes
1074 Robert Knecht Fort Hayes
1075 Kristen Gillman Fort Hayes
1076 Jenna Mastracci Fort Hayes
1077 Jenna Lachey Fort Hayes
1078 Leanna Frederick-johnson Fort Hayes
1079 Tracy Imamura Fort Hayes
1080 Julie Appel Fort Hayes
1081 Cynthia Hendricks Fort Hayes
1082 Courtney Johnson Fort Hayes
1083 Johnny Merry Fort Hayes AAHS
1084 Rebecca Woods Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School
1085 Eric M. East Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School
1086 Kristen Skiles Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School
1087 Jessica Cahalan Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School
1088 Gabrielle Young Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School
1089 Theresa Willis Fort Hayes Arts & Academic HS
1090 Giuseppina DiRosario Fort Hayes Arts & Academic HS
1091 lisa kliner Fort Hayes Arts & Academic HS
1092 Jochen McEvoy Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1093 Gabrielle Stefura Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1094 Kimberly Webber Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1095 Vera Allen Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1096 Jacob R Clark Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1097 Nancy de Leon Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1098 Wendy Mechling Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High school
1099 Megan Evans Fort Hayes Career Center
1100 Cecilia Kanowsky Fort Hayes Career Center
1101 KellyTabor Fort Hayes Career Center
1102 Dr. Daniel Burke Fort Hayes Career Center
1103 Kevin Prenger Fort Hayes Career Center
1104 Richard Conner Fort Hayes Career Center
1105 Adam T. Viney Fort Hayes Career Center
1106 Ryan Van Bibber Fort Hayes Career Center
1107 Carla Toles-Anthony Fort Hayes Career Center
1108 David Madison Fort Hayes Career Center
1109 Maria D. Angel Fort Hayes Career Center
1110 Natasha Wilson Fort Hayes Career Center
1111 Corrie Witt Fort Hayes Career Center
1112 Robyne Lindsay Fort Hayes Career Center
1113 David Bahgat Fort Hayes Career Center
1114 Zak Ogilbee Fort Hayes High School
1115 Simon Murdock Fort Hayes High School
1116 Laura White Fort Hayes High School
1117 Jaclyn Hughes Fort Hayes HS
1118 Jody Kerns Fort Hayes MEC
1119 Allison Vrancken Ft Hayes
1120 Diane Barnes Ft Hayes
1121 Kenneth Howard Ft Hayes HS
1122 Angela Eddings Ft. Hayes
1123 Lawrence Hamilton III Ft. Hayes
1124 Jamie Rhein Ft. Hayes Arts and Academic High School
1125 Amanda Racanelli Ft. Hayes MEC
1126 Bridget  Taylor G. Tyree Learning Center
1127 Christine Grace Gables
1128 Lori Buchanan Gables
1129 Amie Ankeney Gables
1130 Stephanie Gables
1131 Donna Gehrisch Gables and Cranbrook
1132 Jennifer Bratka Gables Elementary
1133 Lora Fritsche Gables Elementary
1134 Julie Collins Gables Elementary
1135 Jennifer schoolcraft Gables elementary school
1136 Jennifer schoolcraft Gables elementary school
1137 Sharon Mendoza Gables ES
1138 Jaime Herrick Georgian Heights
1139 Kimberly Zweydorff Georgian Heights
1140 Mira Cremeans Georgian Heights
1141 Brandi Jennings Georgian Heights
1142 Amy Novak Georgian Heights
1143 Cassie Skaggs Georgian Heights
1144 Elizabeth Connell Georgian Heights
1145 Sarah McKitrick Georgian Heights
1146 Kaylee Robertson Georgian Heights
1147 Kelly L. Fritchen Georgian Heights
1148 Leslie Jackson- Roston Georgian Heights
1149 Leigh Ann Timlin Georgian Heights
1150 Mara Saunders Georgian Heights
1151 Judith Elam Georgian Heights
1152 Susan Marcus Georgian Heights
1153 Holly Hamed Georgian Heights Alt. Elementary
1154 Elizabeth Messmer Georgian heights alternative elementary
1155 Sarah Blamo Georgian Heights Alternative Elementary School
1156 Isidore Kallergis Georgian Heights Elementary
1157 Angela Tomaro Georgian Heights Elementary
1158 Jennifer Wojdyla-Radde Georgian Heights Elementary
1159 Kelly Null Georgian Heights Elementary
1160 Carley Hash Georgian Heights Elementary school
1161 Victoria Johnson Georgian Heights Elementary School
1162 Lolita Love Georgian Heights ES
1163 Cheryl Kanuckle Gifted and Talented
1164 Elizabeth Gasior Gifted and Talented
1165 Sharon Deal GT
1166 Trisha Seiler GT
1167 TORRI HUNTER Guy/Ag bell
1168 Michael Mitchell Hamilton
1169 Karla Corbett Hamilton
1170 Shannon Warren Hamilton
1171 Madison Kill Hamilton
1172 Michael Mitchell Hamilton
1173 Steven Cudney Hamilton ES
1174 Traci Sprague Hamilton STEM
1175 Kimberly Calloway Hamilton Stem
1176 Ellen Cao Hamilton STEM
1177 Nicole Munch Hamilton Stem
1178 Liz Lewis Hamilton STEM
1179 Tera Letina Hamilton STEM Academy
1180 Desiree Shull Hamilton STEM Academy
1181 Julie Watson Hamilton Stem Academy
1182 Desiree Shull Hamilton STEM Academy
1183 Nathaniel Haas Hamilton STEM Academy
1184 Kelsey Wolfe Hamilton STEM Academy
1185 Megan Burke Hamilton STEM Academy
1186 Jasmine Spitzer Hamilton STEM Academy
1187 Ritchie Harris Hamilton STEM Academy
1188 Valerie hunt Hamilton STEM Academy
1189 Melissa Smetiouk Hamilton Stem Academy
1190 Shira Lee Hamilton Stem Academy
1191 Veronica Adedapo Hamlton STEM Academy
1192 Johnna Hass-Evans
1193 Kathleen Webster HDC
1194 Shannon Armpriester Health Services
1195 Julie Fire Health Services
1196 Kathryn Gordon Health Services
1197 Jodi Van Zile Health services
1198 Angela Patterson Health Services
1199 Virginia Shaffer Health Services
1200 Cheryl Cuckler Health services/Binns ES
1201 Jennifer Young, MSN, RN, LSN Health Services/Livingston Elementary
1202 Kelly Koesters Health Services-Watkins and Easthaven
1203 Carrie Andrick Health Sevices
1204 Tim D Harry HEC
1205 Amy Koogler Highland
1206 Tracy Barbon Highland
1207 Michelle Belton Highland
1208 Amy L. Spangler Highland
1209 Katherine U Longenecker Highland
1210 Katie Irvin Highland
1211 Beth James Highland
1212 Brittany Herb Highland and Sullivant
1213 Renee Magalski Highland Elementary
1214 Jesslene Ames Highland Elementary
1215 Carly Shepherd Highland Elementary
1216 Allison Volz Highland Elementary
1217 Kristina Bossa Highland Elementary
1218 Lauren Shepherd Highland Elementary
1219 Melanie Rogers Highland Elementary
1220 Summer Amnah Highland Elementary
1221 Braiden Bradley Highland Elementary
1222 Courtney Ryan Highland Elementary School
1223 DeLana DuBois Highland Elementary School
1224 Dori Appel Highland ES
1225 Desiree Nutt Highland ES
1226 Lyndsi Hampton Highland es
1227 Shannon Baumbusch Hilltonia
1228 Adam Tinker Hilltonia
1229 Jennifer Brutger Hilltonia
1230 Charles Andrick Hilltonia
1231 Brenda Rucker Hilltonia
1232 Brian Pennington Hilltonia
1233 Rachel Scoglietti Hilltonia
1234 GARRY CIPRA Hilltonia
1235 William chaffin Hilltonia M S
1236 Noreen Harder Print Hilltonia Middle School
1237 Kitty Carr Hilltonia Middle School
1238 Teresa Bombrys Hilltonia Middle School
1239 Tina roeger Hilltonia Middle School
1240 Mary Costello Hilltonia Middle School
1241 Dwayne Higgins Hilltonia Middle School
1242 Nicole Zych Hilltonia Middle School
1243 Sherlene Jude Hilltonia Middle School
1244 Julie Sutton Hilltonia Middle School
1245 Tonya Shinabargar Hilltonia Middle School
1246 Sarah Wadsworth Hilltonia Middle School
1247 Heather Blevins Hilltonia Middle School
1248 Rupa Narayanan Hilltonia Middle School
1249 Alexander Traxler Hilltonia Middle School
1250 Brendon Fabian Hilltonia Middle School
1251 Rebecca Giannetti Hilltonia Middle School
1252 Lonnie  Dulgar Jr Hilltonia Middle school
1253 Angela Clarke Hilltonia Middle School
1254 Elizabeth Baumhackl Hilltonia Middle School
1255 Anita Terry Hilltonia Middle School
1256 Misty McVay Hilltonia middle school
1257 Scott Hamilton Hilltonia MS
1258 Gary Blosser Hilltonia MS
1259 Lindsey Peterson Hilltonia MS & Briggs HS
1260 Kerrie Granick Hubbard
1261 Sue Robbins Hubbard
1262 Kerrie granick Hubbard
1263 Kathryn Hoffmann Hubbard Elementary
1264 Brianna Braden Hubbard Elementary
1265 Sejal Parikh Hubbard Elementary
1266 Neva Ryan, BSN, RN Hubbard Elementary and East Linden Elementary
1267 Jennifer O’Farrell Hubbard ES
1268 Meegan Moore Hubbard/Avondale
1269 Jacqueline Pencek Hudson
1270 Kristi Saxton Hudson
1271 Colleen Schafhausen Hudson
1272 Tiffany Brandt Hudson
1273 Rhonda Hudson Hudson
1274 Heather Snyder Hudson
1275 Amber Hill Hudson
1276 Regina Baughman Hudson
1277 Cheryl Crawmer Hudson
1278 Mary Dahs Hudson
1279 Rachel Greenfield Hudson
1280 Scott Wilson Hudson
1281 Jodi Sutton Hudson
1282 Lisa Goshe Hudson
1283 Elizabeth Broadnax Hudson
1284 Belinda Davis Hudson
1285 Erica Chambers Hudson
1286 Natalie Lazoen Hudson – Region 6
1287 Brigette Lowery Hudson Dist
1288 Brianna Lohse Hudson Dist
1289 Tyree Rivers Hudson Distribution Warehouse
1290 Brittany Koresch Hudson st office/warehouse
1291 Kathy Dain Hudson, Columbus North Int’l, CAHS, Weinland Park, Forest Park, Columbus Global Academy.
1292 Ann Kirker Huy
1293 Dawn Scott Huy
1294 Kelly Duff Huy
1295 Sara Knight Huy
1296 Sara Ryder Huy
1297 Britt Mickley Huy
1298 Rebecca Wanner Huy
1299 T Thomas Huy
1300 Valerie Parks Huy
1301 Dawn Stark Huy
1302 Rebecca Pack Huy
1303 Lesley George Huy and Avalon
1304 Brittany Seigneur Huy Elementary
1305 Morgan Adkins Huy Elementary
1306 Jessica Watzka Huy Elementary
1307 Sean Gill Huy Elementary
1308 Angela Zalenski Huy Elementary
1309 Angela Dolan Huy Elementary
1310 Katie Jacques Huy Elementary
1311 Angela Beekman Huy Elementary
1312 Rachel Nadal Huy Elementary
1313 Amy Lexner Huy elementary
1314 Ashley Shope Huy Elementary
1315 Joy Currington Huy Elementary
1316 Angela Metcalf Huy Elementary
1317 Mary Jones Huy Elementary & Winterset Elementary
1318 Julianne Ely Huy elementary school
1319 Claire Neibecker Huy Elementary School
1320 Kali Goins Huy Elementary School
1321 Lisa Gasser Huy Elementary School
1322 Renee Grice Huy elementary school
1323 Jennie DeMarco Huy Es
1324 katie whitson huy es
1325 Trisha M VanArsdel Huy/AG bell
1326 Jennifer Eaton Huy/AG Bell
1327 Lisa Meyer Huy/AG Bell
1328 Jennifer Grove Huy/CE
1329 Lindsay Dawson Huy/Speech
1330 Gerry Curran Indepdence HS
1331 Robert Jackson Independce high school
1332 molly zinsmeister independence
1333 kurtis posey independence
1334 Heidi Brown Independence
1335 Rachel Roszman Independence
1336 Samantha Wyatt Independence
1337 John Y Independence
1338 Courtney Bryant Independence
1339 Sara Bibbee Independence
1340 Melissa Fair Independence High
1341 Karen Zimpfer Independence High School
1342 Felecia Hall Independence High School
1343 Jeff Murphy Independence High School
1344 Gwendolyn Bess Independence High School
1345 Richard C. DeLozier III Independence High School
1346 Sarah Helvey Independence High School
1347 Traci Johnson Independence High School
1348 Johnathon Finney Independence High School
1349 Betsy Saxer Independence High School
1350 Darlene Johnson Independence High School
1351 Kelsey Gray Independence High School
1352 Lori bennett Independence high School
1353 Lindsey Welch Independence High School
1354 Skyler Weber Independence High School
1355 Kate Wesley Independence High School
1356 Ben Unger Independence High School
1357 Gail White-Dixon Independence High School
1358 Courtney Johnson Independence High School
1359 Austin Owens Independence High School
1360 Kelli Edinger Independence High School
1361 Patricia DelBoccio Independence High School
1362 Jaime L Martin Independence High School
1363 Kristina Douglas Independence High School
1364 Jessica Eitner Independence High School
1365 Ron Hatton Independence High School
1366 Terrance Holliman Independence HS
1367 Molly Zinsmeister Independence hs
1368 Holly Lonczak Independence HS
1369 Cary James Independence HS
1370 Nicole Chavers Independence HS
1371 Edgardo Rivera Independence HS
1372 Robert Gravatt Indepenfence High School
1373 Marty Flood Indian Springs
1374 Meghan England Indian Springs
1375 Ashley Kay Indian Springs
1376 Heather Leonard Indian Springs
1377 Sarah Boiarski Indian Springs
1378 Brittaini Pulver Indian Springs Elementary
1379 Mary West Indian Springs Elementary
1380 Susan Crist Indian Springs Elementary
1381 Jill Kauffman Indian Springs Elementary
1382 Lisa Ponziani Indian Springs Elementary
1383 Allie Boyer Indian Springs elementary school
1384 Dana Flusche Indian Springs ES
1385 Laura Valentine Indianola
1386 Brian Rutti Indianola
1387 Daryl Curry Indianola
1388 Jennifer Harvie Indianola
1389 Ebone’ Dansby Indianola Informal
1390 Victoria  Evans Indianola Informal
1391 Chris Patch Indianola Informal
1392 Talon Bailey Indianola informal
1393 Clay Blackburn Indianola Informal K8
1394 Cindy Gunn Indianola Informal K8
1395 Tiffany Alexander Indianola Informal K-8
1396 Catherine Donohoe Indianola informal K-8
1397 Theresa M McCarthy Indianola Informal K-8
1398 Amy Hill Indianola Informal K-8
1399 Jon Brush Indianola Informal K-8
1400 Rachel Rowen Indianola Informal K-8
1401 Laura Smith Indianola Informal K-8
1402 Catherine Marschall Indianola Informal K-8
1403 Ruth Hall Indianola Informal K-8
1404 Ami Trivedi Indianola Informal K-8
1405 Amanda Capriato Indianola Informal K-8
1406 Tracey McCarthy Indianola Informal K-8 School
1407 Hope Borton Indianola K8
1408 Rachel Oberman Indianola K8
1409 Marie Boozer Indianola k-8
1410 Danielle Hittle Indianola K-8
1411 Jenni Houston Indianola K-8 and Alpine K-3
1412 Courtney Gavazzi Indianola K-8 Informal
1413 Amy Roach Pezzatta Indianola K-8 Informal
1414 Loren Bucek Indianola retired
1415 Carolyn Fuqua Innis
1416 Michelle Lee Innis
1417 Michele Thomas INNIS
1418 Justin Vondenberg Innis
1419 Laura Savage Innis
1420 Sarah Delcamp Innis and Parkmoor Elementary
1421 Patricia Hamilton Innis Elementary
1422 Madeline Hatch Innis Elementary
1423 Jennifer De Lorenzo Innis Elementary
1424 Lindsay Owen Innis Elementary
1425 Lori McPeek Innis Elementary
1426 Colin Dennis Innis elementary
1427 Tiana Johnson Innis Elementary
1428 Eimy Torres-Sifuentes Innis Elementary School
1429 Theresa Steller Innis ES
1430 Mark Kaethow Innis/Parkmoor E.S.
1431 Jim Worden International High School
1432 Ronda Budd Itinerant Gifted Tester – 3700 S High St.
1433 Kimberly DeMond John Burroughs Elementary
1434 Kia Merrifield Johnson Park
1435 Jill Wilder Johnson Park
1436 Jamila Haynes-Coleman Johnson Park
1437 Erin Reddick Johnson Park
1438 Mark Treece Johnson Park
1439 Carinne Blackwell Johnson Park
1440 Meghan OConnor Johnson park
1441 Shervina Burrows Johnson Park
1442 Chaka Diop Johnson Park & Sherwood MS
1443 Bonny L Shiplet Johnson Park Middle
1444 LynnetteWashington Johnson Park Middle School
1445 Chris Ward Johnson Park Middle School
1446 Daniel Schaible Johnson Park Middle School
1447 Lovie Debnam Johnson Park Middle School
1448 Tanice Reddae Johnson Park Middle School
1449 Kayla Easterling Johnson Park Middle School
1450 Cassandra Daniels Johnson Park middle school
1451 Shannon Lisko Johnson Park Middle School
1452 Emily Boeshart Johnson Park Middle School
1453 Cynthia Brown Johnson Park Middle School
1454 Ariana Rodriguez Johnson Park Middle School
1455 Trenisha Ball Johnson Park Middle School
1456 Vincent Crump Johnson Park Middle School
1457 Angela Marshall Johnson Park Middle School
1458 Brittney Gregg Johnson Park Middle School
1459 Vincent Crump Johnson Park Middle School
1460 Angela Foster Johnson Park Middle School
1461 Kathryn Waugh Johnson Park MS
1462 Kelly Suhoza Johnson Park MS
1463  Goldie Fraley Johnson Park, IHS, Scottwood, Liberty, Oakmont
1464 Michael Mundew Juvenile Intervention Center
1465 David Hairston Juvenile Intervention Center
1466 Daniel Finn Juvenile Intervention Center
1467 Anissa Holtsberry Kingswood
1468 Rachel Hopewell Kingswood Data Center
1469 Lesley Landis
1470 Seka Ward Leawood
1471 Amber Rogers Leawood
1472 Kennedy Somerville Leawood
1473 Keila Prost Leawood
1474 Sara Patchyen Leawood
1475 David Williamson Leawood
1476 Barb Stewart Leawood
1477 Ursula Carter Leawood
1478 Kendall Hoover Leawood
1479 Briahna Lallg Leawood
1480 Scott Hartman Leawood / East Columbus
1481 Brandon Kuhn Leawood Elementary
1482 Elizabeth Silva Leawood Elementary
1483 Albert A Krsak Leawood Elementary School
1484 Albert A Krsak Leawood Elementary School
1485 Cindy “CJ” Jamison Leawood ES
1486 Lisa Damante Leawood ES
1487 Brian Matticola Leawood, Scottwood, Watkins, Olde orchard
1488 Lori Quier Liberty
1489 Terril Easterling Liberty
1490 Dale Rucker Liberty
1491 Karen Shoemaker Liberty
1492 Marlie Rotondo Liberty
1493 Tammy Moton Liberty
1494 Rebecca Pepper Liberty
1495 Amy Hammond Liberty
1496 Whitney Mahan Liberty Elementary
1497 Tamara Hill Liberty Elementary
1498 Melanie Young Liberty Elementary
1499 Jillian Taylor Liberty Elementary
1500 Lynette Lewis Liberty Elementary
1501 Veronica Ransom Liberty Elementary
1502 Nina Harter Liberty Elementary
1503 Jessica Bennett Liberty Elementary
1504 Angela Wright Liberty Elementary School
1505 Nicole Root Liberty Elementary School
1506 Victoria Pasini Liberty Elementary School
1507 Bobbi Weston Liberty ES
1508 Molly Selan Liberty ES
1509 Elizabeth Andujar Liberty ES
1510 Michelle Hooper Liberty ES
1511 Carol Anderson Liberty(multiple locations)
1512 James Lafon Lincoln Park
1513 Jennifer Braunstein Lincoln Park
1514 Stephanie Place Lincoln Park
1515 Christiana Frimpong Lincoln Park
1516 Tracy Rivers Lincoln Park
1517 Carol Ball Lincoln Park
1518 William Shrum Lincoln Park
1519 Heather Bell Budai Lincoln Park
1520 Natalie Cross Lincoln Park Elementary
1521 Vicki R Williams Lincoln Park Elementary
1522 David Wilson Lincoln Park Elementary
1523 Melanie Sullivan Lincoln Park Elementary
1524 Wendy Wexler Jonas Lincoln Park Elementary
1525 Jeffrey Addy Lincoln Park Elementary
1526 Kristin Bennett Lincoln Park ES
1527 Alissa Kinney Lincoln Park ES
1528 Carletta Griffis Lincoln Park/ Stewart
1529 Charles Gillilan Lindbergh
1530 Pat hughes Lindbergh
1531 Mary Hamilton Lindbergh
1532 Lori Pinkerton Lindbergh
1533 Carol Johnson Lindbergh
1534 Tiffany Dye Lindbergh
1535 Christina Totman Lindbergh E.S
1536 Stephanie McMaken Lindbergh Elementary
1537 Rayna Alexander Lindbergh Elementary
1538 Karin Greathouse Lindbergh Elementary School
1539 Susan Phillips Lindbergh Elementary School
1540 maria gross Lindbergh ES
1541 Sara DeLucia Lindbergh ES
1542 Maureen Michalak Lindburgh
1543 Dawn Heideman Linden
1544 Emilie Gravely Linden McKinley
1545 Sarah Moore Linden McKinley
1546 Marcus Novelli Linden McKinley
1547 Jason Dutrow Linden McKinley STEM
1548 Nancy Dowling Linden McKinley STEM
1549 Alana Veach Linden McKinley STEM
1550 Mason Easley Linden McKinley STEM 7-12
1551 Ronald Bedra Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1552 Sarah Harding Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1553 Jeannette Wilks Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1554 Mrs. Brenna Kautz Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1555 Carla Hegyi Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1556 Amber Palmer Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1557 Scott McMaken Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1558 Paula Hughes Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1559 Mildred Poindexter Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1560 Jordan Claffey Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1561 Marissa Toops Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1562 Brenten Johnson Linden McKinley Stem Academy
1563 Danielle Roop Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1564 Kendra Hamm Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1565 Shane Andrew Cullen Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1566 Kayla Winn Linden McKinley STEM Academy
1567 Julia Casagrande Linden McKinley STEM academy
1568 Melody L. Bankhead Linden McKinley STEM Academy 7-12
1569 India Strother Linden McKinley STEM Academy 7-12
1570 Susan Mazur Linden McKinley Stem and South 7-12
1571 Kathy Najjar Linden McKinley STEM High School
1572 Julia DeGarmo Linden Park Early Childhood Center
1573 Molly Payne Linden Park Early Childhood Education Center
1574 Raylene Polchow Linden Park ECE
1575 Amy Kurz Linden Park ECE
1576 Erin Peebles Linden park ECE
1577 Nicole Drake Linden Park ECEC
1578 Kalan Miller Linden Park ECEC
1579 STACEY CHRISTENSON Linden Park ecec
1580 Monique Walker Linden STEM
1581 Summer Anthony Linden Stem
1582 Danielle Dedrick-Couch Linden Stem
1583 Peggy Bailey Linden Stem
1584 Kathryn Ponn Linden STEM
1585 Sherri Kposowa Linden STEM & Parkmoor
1586 Alexander Kaminski Linden STEM Academy
1587 Jenna Robinson Linden STEM Academy
1588 Tammy Krug Linden STEM Academy
1589 Marisa Davis Linden STEM Academy
1590 Samantha Fair Linden STEM Academy
1591 Lolita Johnson Linden STEM Academy
1592 Erinn Truss Linden STEM Academy
1593 Amber Gresham Linden STEM Academy
1594 Tricia Honaker Linden Stem academy
1595 JoVone Houpe Linden STEM Academy
1596 Derek Mattson Linden STEM Academy
1597 Debra Yetts Linden STEM pre k-6
1598 Erica Perkins Linden-McKinley
1599 Davis Sodders Linden-McKinley STEM Academy
1600 Abigail Schaffer Linden-McKinley STEM Academy
1601 Kelly O’Donnell Linden-McKinley STEM Academy
1602 Katherine Martinelli Linden-McKinley STEM Academy 7-12
1603 Drucilla Bean Livingston
1604 Erin Arens Livingston
1605 Brittany Marshall Livingston
1606 Kevin Brachat Livingston
1607 Brian Houchins Livingston
1608 Andrea verley Livingston
1609 Halle Saxon Livingston
1610 Timothy Whiting Livingston Avenue Elementary
1611 Janaya Foster Livingston Avenue Elementary
1612 Kelly Fiorille Livingston Elementary
1613 Margaret Oré Livingston Elementary
1614 Melinda Folson Livingston Elementary
1615 Jason Faust Livingston Elementary
1616 Milissa Lee Campbell Livingston Elementary
1617 Michael Oates Livingston Elementary
1618 Felicia Martin Livingston Elementary
1619 Devan Williams Livingston Elementary
1620 Britt Johnston Livingston Elementary
1621 Adrienne Reinhart Livingston Elementary
1622 Yasmeen Mallory Livingston Elementary
1623 Alan Browning Livingston ES
1624 Brittney Hall Livingston ES
1625 Shana Ivory Livingston ES
1626 Kayla Mustard LMSA
1627 Eric Valentine LMSA
1628 Thomas Ryan LMSA 7-12
1629 Tracy Magnuson
1630 Meg Lagucki Maize
1631 Rachel Hunter Maize
1632 Annette Michael Maize
1633 Sequoia Temple Maize
1634 charlyne potts maize
1635 Nicol Lowther Maize
1636 Britany Karamalakis Maize
1637 Nicholas Wright Maize
1638 Nancy Thomas Maize Elem
1639 Debora Avery Maize Elementary
1640 Beth Hammond Maize Elementary
1641 Daniel Bell Maize Elementary
1642 Mackenzie Reeves Maize Elementary
1643 Christy Feamster Maize Elementary
1644 James Brehm Maize Elementary
1645 Erika Borchardt Maize Elementary
1646 Saundra Deighton Maize Elementary School
1647 Yvonne Wilson Maize Elementary school
1648 Teresa Tracey Maize ES
1649 Stephanie Mills Maize ESQ
1650 Maria Allen Maize Road Elementary School
1651 Kaitlin Conner Marion Franklin High School
1652 Elizabeth Blosser Marion Franklin HS
1653 Heather Barnett Marion Franklin HS
1654 Maria-Francesca Fleming Marion-Franklin
1655 Michael Moore Marion-Franklin
1656 Gradella Holliman Marion-Franklin
1657 Michael Moore Marion-Franklin
1658 Jessica Pierce Marion-Franklin  H. S.
1659 Tien-Lin Chu Marion-Franklin High School
1660 Mindy Howard Marion-Franklin High School
1661 Maria-Francesca Fleming Marion-Franklin high school
1662 Jason Carsone Marion-Franklin High School
1663 Christina L Nawrocki Marion-Franklin High School
1664 Joshua Niswonger Marion-Franklin High School
1665 C. Eschelbach Marion-Franklin High School
1666 Viviane Fagalar Haley Marion-Franklin High School
1667 Jason S Perkins Marion-Franklin high school
1668 David Lakso Marion-Franklin HS
1669 Sarah Aurant Marion-Franklin HS
1670 Sarah Young Marion-Franklin HS
1671 Collin Lisi Marion-Franklin HS
1672 Sharon Legg Marion-Franklin HS
1673 MR Medina
1674 James King Medina
1675 Erin Hollon Medina
1676 Brittany Crews Medina
1677 Rod Hardesty Medina
1678 Kyle Markle Medina
1679 Kristina Newman Medina Middle School
1680 Linda D Myers Medina Middle School
1681 Julie Raccio Medina Middle School
1682 Deborah Gagliano Medina Middle School
1683 Juan Hurtado Medina Middle School
1684 Don Curtis Medina Middle School
1685 Rosemary Plapp Medina Middle School
1686 Katherine Welsh Medina Middle School
1687 Aaron Reid Medina Middle School
1688 Michael Hood Medina Middle School
1689 Karen Marlowe Medina Middle School
1690 Stephanie Reid-Taylor Medina Middle School
1691 Aleicia J McCullough Medina Middle School
1692 Sharon Stewart Alexander Medina Middle school
1693 Sommer Irell Medina Middle School
1694 Michael Frissora Medina MS
1695 Aleta Polley Medina MS
1696 Philip Schoch Medina MS
1697 Jeanne Snowball Medina MS
1698 Michele Hersey
1699 Cynthia Price Mifflin
1700 Ann Goettel Mifflin
1701 Karol Prescott-Hood Mifflin  Middle School
1702 Rochelle Dawson Mifflin H.S.
1703 Michele Perry Mifflin High
1704 William Marshall Mifflin High
1705 Monique Patrick Mifflin High School
1706 Anna Bennett Mifflin High School
1707 Ebony McIntosh Mifflin High School
1708 Elizabeth Cutler Mifflin High School
1709 Melissa Charles Mifflin High School
1710 Anja Schaefkofer Mifflin High School
1711 Dora Riggs Mifflin High School
1712 Eric Blegen Mifflin High School
1713 Michael Hayes Mifflin High School
1714 Rebecca Grayson Mifflin High School
1715 Theodore Dilenschneider Mifflin High School
1716 Kimberly Randall Mifflin High School
1717 Kelly Johnson Mifflin High School
1718 Rebecca Moore Mifflin high school
1719 Matthew Travis Mifflin High School
1720 Matthew Thomas Mifflin High School
1721 Kirsten Dyer Mifflin High School
1722 Angela Leiding Mifflin High School
1723 Jason Fields Mifflin High School
1724 Brenda Chandler Mifflin High School
1725 Marc Wilson Mifflin High School
1726 Julia Hall Mifflin High School
1727 Christy Van Aman Mifflin High School
1728 Lisa Hoenshell Mifflin High School
1729 Joseph Castano Mifflin HS
1730 Rob slipsky Mifflin hs
1731 Iman Omar Mifflin HS
1732 Matthew Price Mifflin HS
1733 Cynthia Price Mifflin HS
1734 Stephen Emmons Mifflin HS
1735 Susie Stoff Mifflin Middle School
1736 Melanie Headley Mifflin Middle School
1737 Melinda Howard Mifflin Middle School
1738 Elizabeth Dietsch Mifflin Middle School
1739 Sara Barto Mifflin Middle School
1740 Yvonne Roberson Mifflin Middle School
1741 Korinne kitchen-smith Mifflin Middle School
1742 Chris Foster Mifflin Middle School
1743 Crystal McMillan Mifflin Middle School
1744 Laura Rigg Mifflin Middle School
1745 Jacob Smith Mifflin Middle School
1746 Amanda Lord Mifflin Middle School
1747 Michele B. Wyatt Mifflin Middle School
1748 Joseph Decker Mifflin MS
1749 Angie Stuntz Moler
1750 Amy Kienle Moler
1751 Heather Moler
1752 Kristin Whiting Moler
1753 Andrew Ball Moler E.S.
1754 Kara Washington Moler Elementary
1755 John Berenzweig Moler Elementary
1756 Brian Cavinee Moler Elementary
1757 Cassi Harr Moler Elementary
1758 Anna Callender Moler Elementary
1759 Angela Pinkins Moler Elementary
1760 Cayla Cermak Moler Elementary
1761 Kaitlin Cline Moler Elementary
1762 Heather Hobbs Moler Elementary
1763 Laura Kay Moler Elementary
1764 Ashleigh Sitz Moler Elementary School
1765 Donna Jacoby Moler Elementary School
1766 Lavonne King Moler ES
1767 Patricia Williams Moler ES
1768 Ebonie Daley Moler ES
1769 Evan Shelton Moler PreK-6
1770 William Stewart Moler, Siebert, Beatty Park & Trevitt  ES,
1771 Leenisha Stennis MS Instrumental Music
1772 Scott Douglas Multiple
1773 Barbara Wavrek Multiple
1774 Antoinette Miles Multiple
1775 Scholar Takem Multiple buildings
1776 Lisa Norris Multiple Buildings
1777 susie Thompson Multiple buildings
1778 Ann Hatch Multiple buildings
1779 Laura cook Multiple buildings- parsons es, sullivant es, Georgian heights es
1780 Gayla Ebersole Multiple Buildings-MFHS, SHS & BHS
1781 Catherine Cincione Multiple elementary schools
1782 Lisha Perdue Multiple locations – Gifted
1783 Linda Key Multiple locations GT
1784 Brad Flere multiple locations, office at 3700 S. High
1785 Linda Jey Multiple Locations-GT
1786 Debra Gill Multiple school sites
1787 Kim Little Multiple schools
1788 Tifanie Rose Multiple sites
1789 Taya Griffith Multiple, Lindbergh and Sullivant
1790 Lisa Wilson Nationwide Children’s Hospital
1791 Tyler Owen Nationwide Childrens Hospital
1792 Elaine Petitjean North Linden
1793 Jamie Melton North Linden
1794 Carrie Hoover North Linden
1795 William L Kennon Jr North Linden
1796 Katy Butler North Linden
1797 Diana Small North linden
1798 Amy Salem North Linden
1799 Katherine McKeel North Linden Elementary
1800 Marisa Keith North Linden Elementary
1801 Jon Enyart North Linden Elementary
1802 Leslie Gegel North Linden elementary
1803 Kelli Burnheimer North Linden Elementary
1804 Amy Allan North Linden Elementary
1805 Elana Mathews North Linden Elementary
1806 Sheryl Drewyor North Linden Elementary School
1807 Mary Donnelly North Linden Elementary School
1808 Heather Southerington North Linden Elementary School
1809 Erica Jones North Linden ES
1810 Lori sutton Northgate
1811 Amy Roush Northgate Intermediate
1812 Vernell Washington Northgate Intermediate
1813 Holly Bantum Northgate Intermediate
1814 Katie McBeth Northgate Intermediate
1815 Lindsey Cook Northgate Intermediate
1816 Debbie Potts Northgate Intermediate
1817 Colby English Northgate Intermediate
1818 Mary Anne Stewart Northgate Intermediate ES
1819 Lou Bernard Northgate Intermediate School
1820 Marcie Hatfield Northgate Intermediate School
1821 Megan Strasburg Northgate Intermediate School
1822 Lynn Getz Northgate/Alpine
1823 Amanda Palmer Northland
1824 Margaret Earley Northland
1825 Christina Hoerig Northland
1826 Darren Greschuk Northland
1827 Carmen Pinter Northland
1828 Tekiesha Goolsby Northland
1829 Gabrielle Richardson Northland High School
1830 Erica Kennedy Northland High School
1831 Matthew Gilbert Northland High School
1832 Jillian Baker Northland High School
1833 Chris Barr Northland High School
1834 Hilde Culp Northland High School
1835 Jeremiah Holmes Northland High School
1836 Julie Levy Northland HIgh School
1837 Laurene Holloway Northland High School
1838 Matt Bell Northland High School
1839 Brendan Pentzell Northland High School
1840 Suzanne Case Northland High School
1841 Patrick Fein Northland High School
1842 Amber Jacks Northland High School
1843 Stevy Light Northland High School
1844 Isabella Petit Northland High School
1845 Melanie Smith Northland High School
1846 Stephen Lewis Northland High School
1847 Mechell Drake Northland High School
1848 Mishelle Soule Northland High School
1849 Christopher Klemm Northland High School
1850 Monique Simmons Northland High School
1851 Nancy lynskey Northland high school nurse
1852 Christopher Conrad Northland HS
1853 Christopher Kopp Northland HS
1854 Chase Montana Northland HS
1855 Mary Zando Northland HS
1856 Teri Keller Northland HS
1857 Jeff Becker Northland HS
1858 Christopher Monteiro Northland HS
1859 Jeff Becker Northland HS
1860 Sybil Brown Northland HS
1861 Kona Kirkbride Northland HS/ Walden
1862 Vicki Jackson Northtowne
1863 Emily Easley Northtowne
1864 Jamie snedeker Northtowne
1865 Christie Doty Northtowne E.S.
1866 Christie Doty Northtowne E.S.
1867 Ashley Lee Northtowne Elementary
1868 Anita Smith Northtowne Elementary
1869 Samantha Pelton Northtowne Elementary School
1870 Ann Weinman Northtowne ES
1871 Alecia crawley Northtowne ES
1872 Amanda Blake Northtowne Es
1873 Ce’Nedra Weaver Northtowne ES
1874 Nancy Fillutzy Northtowne ES
1875 Erin Cole Northtowne ES
1876 Mr. Aldridge Northtowne ES
1877 Megan Farwick NPSS
1878 Natalie Swartz NPSS
1879 Greer Edwards NPSS Bishop Hartley and St Catharine
1880 Rose Shuler NPSS Tutor
1881 Debra Judy Nurse
1882 Sarah Hudler Oakland Park
1883 Sharon Sells Oakland Park
1884 Melissa Hyer Oakland Park
1885 Kim Roth Oakland Park
1886 Laura Burnside Oakland Park
1887 Emily Dietsch Knauss Oakland Park
1888 Olivia Bennett Oakland Park
1889 Mary Joan Evans Oakland Park
1890 Morgan Rismiller Oakland Park
1891 Briana Pitroff Oakland Park elementary
1892 Lindsay Johnson Oakland Park Traditional School
1893 Amy K. Brown Oakland Park, Parsons and Parkmoor
1894 Devon Schaffran Oakmont
1895 Shelia D. Watkins Oakmont
1896 Rita Rhodes Oakmont
1897 Melanie Alley OAKMONT
1898 Brandi Slauter Oakmont
1899 Margot Wallace Oakmont and Leawood Elementary
1900 Keira Boynton Oakmont Elementary
1901 Shaunna Boatman Oakmont Elementary
1902 Deborah Meadows Oakmont ES
1903 Jeremy Harmon Oakmont ES
1904 Joshua Cywinski Occupational Therapist
1905 Kelly O’Donnell
1906 Janet Temple Offsite/ Linden Park
1907 Jennifer Davis Ohio Ave
1908 Trina Marion Ohio Ave Elm School
1909 Tony Schwab Ohio Ave ES
1910 MCassette Ohio Ave.
1911 Nicole Romanelli Ohio Avenue
1912 April Salyer Ohio Avenue
1913 Rokia Weatherspoon Ohio Avenue and Central Enrollment
1914 Myra Syfax Ohio Avenue Elem.
1915 Kristin Pease Ohio Avenue Elementary
1916 Lindsay Gudesen Ohio Avenue Elementary
1917 Brittany Marayag Ohio Avenue Elementary
1918 Megan Norem Ohio Avenue Elementary and Eastgate Elementary
1919 Lindsay Ric Ohio avenue elementary school
1920 Mary Tressler Ohio Avenue ES
1921 Tanisha Lay Ohio Avenue ES
1922 Mary Tressler Ohio Avenue ES
1923 Nechelle Cox Ohio Elementary
1924 Barbara Case Olde Orchard
1925 John Hoell Olde Orchard
1926 Tammy Starr Olde Orchard
1927 Ron Williams Olde Orchard
1928 Ron Williams olde Orchard
1929 Pamela Sweeney Olde Orchard
1930 Tara Floyd Olde Orchard
1931 Rosalind Parker Olde Orchard
1932 Laura Gattshall Olde Orchard
1933 Melissa Whitehair Olde Orchard
1934 Heather Young Olde Orchard
1935 Heather Mullenax Olde Orchard
1936 Julie wyatt Olde orchard
1937 Ronald Williams Olde Orchard
1938 Maureen McClary Olde Orchard
1939 Nesheba Gore Olde Orchard
1940 Julie Whitmore Olde Orchard
1941 Coralie Hafner Olde Orchard
1942 Robert Sidders Olde Orchard 4 days Watkins 1 day a week
1943 Beth Thompson Olde Orchard Alternative Elementary
1944 Sarah Wolff Olde Orchard E.S.
1945 Ashley Wolfe Olde Orchard ES
1946 Elizabeth Sheridan Olde Orchard ES
1947 Lynn Righetti OT/PT
1948 Barbara Wavrek OT/PT
1949 Andrea Cywinski OT/PT
1950 Sandra Gale OT/PT
1951 Jaimie Zaharewicz OT-PT Department
1952 Samuel Leopold PAR
1953 Harold Howard PAR
1954 Melanie Shafer Par
1955 Mark Kempton Parkmoor
1956 Nancy Wilson Parkmoor
1957 Jodi Fullerton Parkmoor
1958 Deborah Mosko Parkmoor
1959 Elizabeth Lloyd Parkmoor
1960 Rhonda Shade Parkmoor
1961 Lauren Brooks Parkmoor Elementary
1962 Alene Schattschneider Parkmoor Elementary
1963 Donica Key Parkmoor Elementary
1964 Jennifer Butt Parkmoor Elementary
1965 Melissa Matlack Parkmoor Elementary
1966 Christine Pax Parkmoor Elementary
1967 Angela Stafford Parkmoor Elementary
1968 Kimberly Clark Parkmoor ES
1969 Theresa Cover Parkmoor ES
1970 Chelsey kern Parkmoor es
1971 Carrie Kline Moore Parsons
1972 Rebecca Jozwiak Parsons
1973 Liesel Parsons
1974 Linda Smith Parsons
1975 Madison McCulloch Parsons
1976 Rachel Goodwin Parsons
1977 Rebecca Obert Parsons
1978 Michelle moore Parsons
1979 Nicole Shanks Parsons
1980 Eunice Hale Parsons Elem School
1981 Dawn Speidel Parsons Elementary
1982 Dawn Streitenberger Parsons Elementary
1983 Debra  Cunningham Parsons Elementary
1984 Jenny Burley Parsons Elementary
1985 Julie Powers Parsons Elementary
1986 Amber Nicholas Parsons Elementary
1987 Myra Cintula Parsons Elementary
1988 Tracey Harr Parsons Elementary
1989 Jennifer Groves Parsons Elementary
1990 Kara Young Parsons Elementary
1991 Candice Michel Parsons Elementary School
1992 Ashley Luedeke Parsons Elementary School
1993 Andrew Vicario Parsons Elementary School
1994 Carrie Dvorsky Parsons Elementary School
1995 Michelle Seasor Parsons elementary school
1996 Carol Lynn Glassman Parsons Elementary School
1997 Carol Lynn Glassman Parsons Elementary School
1998 Ashley Thomas Parsons ES
1999 Kendra Dawson Parsons ES
2000 Karmen McCaslin PL&L
2001 Ebony Mundy Psych Services
2002 Jennifer Myser Psych Services
2003 Cara Welling Psychological Services
2004 Marsha Kipfer Psychological Services
2005 Jennifer Glenn Psychological Services (Hamilton & Trevitt ES)
2006 Melanie Hartle Psychologist
2007 Sara Anthony Psychologist
2008 Deborah Zahn Region 1
2009 Sandra Walters Ridgeview
2010 Amie Kingsbury Ridgeview
2011 Woods Ridgeview
2012 Julie Thomas Ridgeview
2013 Molly Rupp Ridgeview
2014 Allison Wodkowski Ridgeview and Dominion Middle Schools
2015 Lisa Cline Ridgeview Middle
2016 William Kjeldsen Ridgeview Middle School
2017 Zachary Carley Ridgeview Middle School
2018 Ariel Williams Ridgeview Middle School
2019 Donella Braddix Ridgeview Middle School
2020 Lorraine Jefferson Ridgeview Middle School
2021 Lori Hoffman Ridgeview Middle School
2022 Jill Grimm Ridgeview Middle School
2023 Ashley Gonzalez Ridgeview Middle School
2024 Anna Sopher Ridgeview Middle School
2025 Tina Cegala Ridgeview Middle School
2026 Angela Moore Ridgeview Middle School
2027 Kelly O’Brien Ridgeview Middle School
2028 Melanie Poulson Ridgeview Middle School
2029 Mike Petrie Ridgeview Middle School
2030 Mercedes Chomos Ridgeview MS
2031 Eric Sztul Ridgeview MS
2032 Nancy Click Ridgeview MS
2033 Amy Burt Ridgeview MS
2034 Stephanie Rush Ridgeview MS
2035 Carla Scott Ridgeview MS
2036 Angela Fugate Ridgeview MS
2037 Tomeka Hawthorne Ridgeview MS
2038 Elizabeth Thurmond Ridgeview, Northtowne, Hudson
2039 Tiffany Coles-Thrweatt RN- Westgate
2040 Dawn Berenzweig Salem
2041 Jessica Bedra Salem and Maize
2042 Tracey D. Singleton Salem E.S.
2043 Jeanne Collins Salem Elementary
2044 Cherie Ayala Salem Elementary
2045 Kim Rotthoff Salem elementary
2046 Wendy Bapst Salem Elementary
2047 Amy Tonti Salem Elementary
2048 Dawn Berenzweig Salem Elementary
2049 M Christopher Prost Salem ES
2050 Angel Dyer Sanchez Salem ES
2051 Shawna Windle SALEM ES
2052 Diane Sandstrom
2053 G. Hill School Counselor
2054 Tamara Harris School Nurse (mentor and Ohio ave ES)
2055 Erin Fisher School Social Worker
2056 David Himmelrick Scioto 6-12 / Juvenile Detention / Non-Public
2057 Andrea parshall Scioto. 6-12
2058 Courtney Waybright Scottwood
2059 Sharon Williams Scottwood
2060 Kylie Ireland Scottwood
2061 Abby Jones Scottwood
2062 Amy Mondillo scottwood
2063 Christel Barna Scottwood
2064 Rebecca Wiseman Scottwood Elementary
2065 Rebekah Chonjo-Boateng Scottwood Elementary
2066 Megan Hakes Scottwood Elementary
2067 Kristin Bachelder Scottwood Elementary
2068 Natalie Hollis Scottwood Elementary
2069 Aurora Arnett Scottwood Elementary
2070 Rebekah Chonjo-Boateng Scottwood Elementary
2071 Keenan Lewis Scottwood Elementary School
2072 Jane M Wolf Scottwood Elementary School
2073 Rebecca Davis Scottwood ES
2074 Sarah Cantwell Scottwood/Broadleigh
2075 Andree Mock Scottwood/Fairmoor ES
2076 Deana Payton Seibert ES
2077 Lashonda Orrell Shady Lane
2078 Pat Bowman Shady Lane
2079 Erin Dumford Shady Lane
2080 Valerie  Folk Shady Lane
2081 Jill Sanders Shady Lane
2082 Trina Ptak Shady Lane
2083 Emily Suver Shady Lane
2084 Emmy mccoy Shady lane
2085 Anna Jacolenne zunich Shady lane
2086 Joni Butler Shady Lane Elem
2087 Elizabeth Files Shady Lane Elementary
2088 Erin Tatum Shady lane elementary
2089 Rosanna Kobryn Shady Lane Elementary
2090 Danielle Kibby Shady Lane Elementary
2091 Jennifer Ludgate Shady Lane Elementary
2092 Julie Burnside Shady Lane Elementary
2093 Megan McSweeney Shady Lane Elementary
2094 Delcina Cordova Shady Lane Elementary
2095 Ryan Noftz Shady Lane Elementary
2096 Kelly Morgan Shady Lane Elementary
2097 Nichole Cavinee Shady Lane Elementary
2098 Megan Ruiz Shady Lane Elementary School
2099 Melanie Richards Shady Lane Elementary School
2100 Tonya Ransom Shadylane
2101 Diane Barnhart Sherwood
2102 Danielle Enoch Sherwood Middle
2103 Shirley Caldwell Sherwood Middle
2104 Sarah Brooking Sherwood Middle
2105 Kevin O’Donovan Sherwood Middle School
2106 Joanna Kraynak Sherwood Middle School
2107 Anthony Youmans Sherwood Middle School
2108 Allison Irvin Sherwood Middle School
2109 Kim Kile Sherwood Middle School
2110 Christina Becker Sherwood Middle School
2111 Sarah Rhoads Sherwood Middle School
2112 Tricia Barber Sherwood Middle School
2113 Lydia Carter Sherwood Middle School
2114 Stephanie Roelling Sherwood Middle School
2115 Staci Alkula Sherwood Middle School
2116 Nora Goss Sherwood Middle School
2117 Dawn Brewer Sherwood Middle School
2118 Megan Colombo Sherwood Middle School
2119 Jennifer Wanat Sherwood Middle School
2120 Sondra Viers Sherwood Middle School
2121 Sibyl Barbet Sherwood Middle School
2122 Kevin Righter Sherwood Middle School
2123 Colleen Cantwell Sherwood Middle School
2124 Janien Severance Sherwood Middle School
2125 Jesse Turner Sherwood Middle School
2126 Stephanie Scarbrough Sherwood Middle School, Yorktown Middle School, Walnut Ridge High School, Eastmoor Academy High School
2127 Tiffany Sealey Sherwood MS
2128 Jimmie K Beall Sherwood MS
2129 Connie Workman Sherwood MS
2130 Cheyenne Harman Sherwood MS
2131 Kaitlyn Norris Sherwood MS
2132 Courtney Navarro Williams Sherwood MS
2133 Diana Nguyen Sherwood MS
2134 Karina Bliss Sherwood MS
2135 Angela Glenn Sherwood/Buckeye
2136 Kathryn Gilboy Siebert
2137 paula yarbrough Siebert
2138 Nicole Clinkscale Siebert
2139 Victor Kapostasy Siebert
2140 Michelle O’Sullivan Siebert elementary
2141 Grace Truman Siebert elementary
2142 Cathy Bauer South
2143 Mike Gunder South
2144 Charles Ratliff South
2145 Kathy Fortenberry-James South
2146 CC Mitchell Mason South
2147 Larry Jackson South 7-12
2148 Lacey Ross South 7-12
2149 Jason Frank South 7-12
2150 Danielle Meyer South 7-12
2151 Jada Jackson South 7-12
2152 Leanthony Jones South and CNIS
2153 Nicholas Casale South High
2154 Kim Dillard South High
2155 Judi Devlin South High
2156 Jairus Tait South High
2157 Sarah Hallfrisch South High
2158 Christine Fuentes South High (7-12)
2159 M. Sage South High 7-12
2160 Amity Cauthorn South High School
2161 Barbara Sullinger South High School
2162 Tina Peterson South High School
2163 Elizabeth Miller South High School
2164 Patrick Bowling South High School
2165 Lee Gala-Crowder South High School
2166 Tracy Stevens South High School
2167 Kathleen Lucius South High School
2168 Janis L. Coffey South High School
2169 Vincent Verbiar South High School
2170 Delores L Price South High School
2171 Elise Freeman South High School
2172 Elizabeth Bivins South High School
2173 Danielle Dobeleit South High School
2174 Brian Days SOUTH high School
2175 Grace Marasco South High School
2176 Emily Young South High School
2177 Romel Moore South high school
2178 Matthew Siegel South High School
2179 Wilbert James South High School
2180 Madie Ramsey South High School
2181 Daniel O’Grady SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL
2182 Kathryn Mercadante South High School
2183 Kyle Wagner South High School
2184 Matthew Cook South High School (7-12)
2185 Jeremy McDaniel South HS
2186 Krystle Gunder South HS
2187 Charity Miller South HS 7-12
2188 Danielle Mungin South Hugh school
2189 Tami vaughn South mifflin
2190 Brandi Ferguson South Mifflin
2191 Deana Messer South Mifflin
2192 Eleanor Gibson South Mifflin Elem and Stewart Elem
2193 Brandy Lawrence South Mifflin Stem
2194 Mary Della Flora South Mifflin STEM
2195 Danny Langston South mifflin stem
2196 Monica Siemer South Mifflin STEM Academy
2197 Erin Honesty South Mifflin STEM Academy
2198 Serrita Sy South Mifflin Stem Academy
2199 Tiffanie Halison South Mifflin STEM elementary
2200 Amy Lehotsky South, 7-12
2201 Laura Henry South, Starling, Wedgewood, Westmoor
2202 Erin DeCamella Southland
2203 Mark Paskert Southland
2204 Rachel J Huntley Southland
2205 Stacy Went Southland
2206 Jennifer Ey Southland
2207 Erin Jones Southland
2208 Wendi Briggs Southland
2209 Matt Doran Southland Center
2210 Carla Phillips Southland Center
2211 Cynthia Woodyard Southland Center
2212 Steven Hiner Southland Center
2213 Pamela Reisch Southland Center
2214 Tracy Winkfield Southland OT/PT
2215 Carolyn Fodor Southwood
2216 Lisa Semanisin Southwood
2217 Kaja Lawson Southwood
2218 Andrew Michel Southwood
2219 Roxanne Adams Southwood Elementary
2220 Denice Kocher Southwood Elementary
2221 Melissa Demoss Southwood Elementary
2222 Paula Brooks Southwood Elementary
2223 Dorothy Hall Southwood Elementary
2224 Christina McCombs Southwood Elementary
2225 Linda Davis Southwood Elementary School
2226 Sheila Deschaine Southwood ES
2227 Katie Vargo Speech and Language Department (Arts Impact Middle School/Colerain Elementary School)
2228 Jennifer Wheeler Speech Department
2229 Jenna Sands Speech Therapist
2230 Christina Schetter Speech-Language Dept.  Assigned to Beatty Park ES & Ohio Avenue ES.
2231 Jessica Whisler Speech-Language Pathologist
2232 Heidi Sherer Speech-Language Pathology Dept, serving Downtown HS, Centennial HS, West HS, & Project SEARCH
2233 Greg Yarman St. Vincent
2234 Rhonda Peck St. Vincent
2235 Resa Sino St. Vincent
2236 Laura Hough St. Vincent’s
2237 Cynthia Guyon St.V8ncent Family Center
2238 Margaret Moore Starling
2239 Leisa Bush Starling
2240 Michele Lefeld Starling
2241 Kevin Gray Starling
2242 Brett Batdorf Starling
2243 Jennifer Wotring Starling
2244 Jessica Espasandin Starling
2245 Michael Ann Effron Starling
2246 Ciara Cundiff Starling
2247 Peter Hering Starling & Lincoln Park
2248 Karen Woods starling k8
2249 Alyssa Mitchell Starling K-8
2250 Heather Giles Starling K-8
2251 Paul Mouck Starling k8
2252 Tammara Grays Starling Pk- 8
2253 Kim Ogilbee Starling PK8
2254 Julie Meyer Starling PK-8
2255 Ingrid Biederman Starling PK-8
2256 Kennith Moore Starling PK-8
2257 Loretta P Jennings Starling PK-8
2258 Kimberly Curtis Starling Pk-8
2259 Hana Mitsui Starling Pk-8
2260 Ellen Giovinazzo Starling PK-8
2261 Linda Harris Starling Pk-8
2262 Amanda Kallay Starling pk-8
2263 Emily Jeans Starling Pk-8
2264 Nancy Hubschman Starling PreK – 8
2265 Mikasa Barton Starling Prek8
2266 Jenny Fadorsen Starling Prek-8
2267 Megan Wagenbrenner Starling PreK-8
2268 Kelli Jacobs Starling Pre-K-8
2269 Kevin Burrows Starling PreK-8 Middle
2270 Erin Boyd Stewart
2271 Tami Hayen Stewart
2272 Nolicka Robinson Stewart Alt Elementary
2273 Tabetha Baumann Stewart Alternative
2274 Megan Green Stewart Alternative
2275 Teresa stonerock Stewart alternative
2276 Jonathan Davis Stewart Alternative Elementary
2277 Tyfini McGowan Stewart Alternative Elementary
2278 Allison Kerns Stewart Alternative Elementary
2279 Joi Rucker Stewart Alternative Elementary
2280 Dan  Rainey Stewart Alternative Elementary School
2281 Bethany Herbst Stewart Alternative Elementary School
2282 Lisa Montwori Stewart Alternative Elementary School
2283 Vanessa Carpenter Stewart Alternative ES
2284 Jennifer Guilliams Stewart Elementary
2285 Bradford Twine Stewart Elementary
2286 Mckayla  Weil Stewart Elementary
2287 Paul Davis Jr Stewart Elementary School
2288 Dorina Kramer Stewart ES
2289 Tina Sturgeon
2290 Amy Jordan Sullivant
2291 Abby Rogan Sullivant
2292 Leather Kilburg Sullivant
2293 Jane Jones Sullivant
2294 Erin Lombard Sullivant
2295 Paige Carpenter Sullivant
2296 Paula Hill Sullivant
2297 Tracy Porreca Sullivant
2298 Paige Carpenter Sullivant
2299 Rebecca Adams Sullivant Elementary
2300 Susan Koenig Sullivant Elementary
2301 Angela Akers Sullivant elementary
2302 Amy Jordan Sullivant elementary
2303 Brooke Koebel Sullivant Elementary
2304 Kally Bradshaw Sullivant Elementary
2305 Natalie Mills Sullivant Elementary School
2306 Anissa Tyson Sullivant Elementary School
2307 Barbara Anderson Sullivant Elementary, Highland Elementary, Hudson
2308 Amanda Arick Sullivant ES
2309 Carol Lynch Sullivant ES
2310 Andrew Cashin The Columbus Gifted Academy
2311 Kay McGough The Support Center@BlendED
2312 Mary Holcomb TOSA
2313 Amanda Murphy TOSA
2314 Larry Carey Trevitt
2315 Carol Hoelzel Trevitt
2316 Sierra Mathews Trevitt
2317 Kristen Wise Trevitt
2318 Alexandra peabody Trevitt / Beatty park
2319 Caitlynn Dauterman Trevitt E.S.
2320 Megan Benton Trevitt Elementary
2321 Martina Holbrook Trevitt Elementary
2322 Rebecca Bailey Trevitt ES
2323 Sharon Turchan
2324 Gonnie Goins Tutor- All Saints Christian Academy
2325 Suzanne Butler Unified Arts
2326 Norma Stepp Unified Arts
2327 Helen Park Unified Arts
2328 Ryan Swartz Unified Arts
2329 Melissa Belgen Unified Arts/ Woodward Park
2330 Leah Valentine Valley Forge
2331 Amy Morrow Valley Forge
2332 Heather Dhume Valley Forge
2333 Courtney Jameson Valley Forge
2334 Sarah Saburi VALLEY FORGE
2335 Maureen Nie Valley Forge Elementary
2336 Janelle Leavell Valley Forge Elementary
2337 Retha Roblero Valley Forge Elementary
2338 Jamie Martin Valley Forge Elementary
2339 Katrina Cook Valley Forge Elementary
2340 Sharonda Mattox Valley Forge Elementary
2341 Maria Lentz Valley Forge Elementary
2342 Brittany Harris Valley Forge Elementary
2343 Angela Barnard Valley Forge Elementary
2344 Elizabeth Walker Valley Forge ES
2345 Elizabeth Allen Valley View Elementary
2346 Leah Stamos Valley view elementary
2347 James Bell Valley view Elementary school
2348 Cheryl Conner Valleyview
2349 Diane Luster Valleyview
2350 Sally Ruisinger Valleyview
2351 Heather Lucius Valleyview
2352 Brian Dalton Valleyview El
2353 Annie Demith Valleyview Elementary
2354 Trish Gardner Valleyview Elementary
2355 Karen Kelley Valleyview Elementary
2356 Laura S. Matthews Valleyview Elementary School
2357 Jacquelyn B. Blackstone Valleyview Elementary School
2358 Justin Wiley Valleyview Elementary School
2359 Katharine Irwin Valleyview ES
2360 Michelle Thomas Valleyview ES
2361 Nichole Binkoski Valleyview ES
2362 Kathleen Frye Various
2363 Renee Harmon Various/ Travel- Central Enrollment
2364 Laura de los Santos Walnut Rideg HS
2365 Margaret Williams Walnut Ridge
2366 Fawn Harris Walnut Ridge
2367 Katherine McQuate Walnut Ridge
2368 Lysa Harris Walnut Ridge
2369 Jason Hatfield Walnut Ridge
2370 Leigh Anne Paulk Walnut Ridge
2371 David Skiles Walnut Ridge
2372 Margaret Williams Walnut Ridge
2373 Benjamin Au Walnut Ridge
2374 Rebecca Walnut ridge
2375 Paris Huggins Walnut Ridge
2376 Enddy Stevens Walnut Ridge
2377 Wilmailler  Chery Walnut Ridge  High School
2378 Laurie Moziejko Walnut Ridge H.S.
2379 Stephan Baker Walnut Ridge H.S.
2380 Kyle Birchmore Walnut Ridge High
2381 Scott Jones Walnut Ridge High School
2382 Karen L. Ryan Walnut Ridge High School
2383 Isabel Peña Walnut Ridge High School
2384 Eunice Onaiwu Walnut Ridge High School
2385 Steven Shipley Walnut Ridge High School
2386 Andrea Adkins-Griffith Walnut Ridge High School
2387 Annette Lasker Walnut Ridge High School
2388 Justin Puleri Walnut Ridge High School
2389 LaShaunda Robinson Walnut Ridge High School
2390 Darci Boyt Walnut Ridge High School
2391 Kathleen Cramer Walnut Ridge High School
2392 Kylie Damico Walnut Ridge High School
2393 FLORA MARTIN Walnut Ridge High School
2394 Dana Godfrey Walnut Ridge High School
2395 Patricia Booth Walnut Ridge High School
2396 Marcus Edwards Walnut Ridge High School
2397 Shane Murphy Walnut Ridge High School
2398 Diona Ross Walnut Ridge High School
2399 Jonathan Pope Walnut Ridge High School
2400 Keiko Sjostrom Walnut Ridge High School
2401 Amber Mitchell Walnut Ridge High School & Parkmoor Elementary
2402 Amy Drone Walnut Ridge HS
2403 Byrd Prillerman IV Walnut Ridge HS
2404 Caitie Kilbane Walnut Ridge HS
2405 Michaela Jones Walnut Ridge HS
2406 Stephanie Jones Watkins
2407 Samantha Kis Watkins
2408 Alexandra Free Watkins Elementary
2409 Sarah Skonezny’s Watkins Elementary
2410 Karen Washington Stowe Watkins Elementary
2411 Karen Moore Watkins Elementary and Moler Elementary  School
2412 Victoria Fantozzi Watkins Elementary School
2413 Corinne Jones Watkins Elementary School
2414 Denise Bakenhaster Watkins Elementary School
2415 Janice Bartels Wedgewood
2416 Hannah Putman Wedgewood
2417 Jean Reph Wedgewood
2418 Jean Reph Wedgewood
2419 ElizabethBakaitis Wedgewood
2420 SHANDA ERVIN Wedgewood
2421 Kristi Amick Wedgewood
2422 Sheila Ruggles Wedgewood
2423 Julie Diehl Wedgewood M.S.
2424 Susan Barnhouse Wedgewood Middle
2425 Sarah Zink Wedgewood Middle School
2426 Katherine Mrva Wedgewood Middle School
2427 Susan Speeney Wedgewood Middle School
2428 Margaret Fosnaugh Wedgewood Middle School
2429 Laurie Hewitt Wedgewood Middle School
2430 Monica costello Wedgewood middle school
2431 Kirk Bardos Wedgewood Middle School
2432 Olivia Wright Wedgewood Middle School
2433 Melissa Tate Wedgewood Middle School
2434 Renee Castorano Wedgewood Middle School
2435 Nancy Morrow Wedgewood Middle School
2436 Nicole Brickman Wedgewood Middle School
2437 Stephanie Stahl-Compton Wedgewood Middle School
2438 Dana Kemmerling Wedgewood MS
2439 Traci Miskel Wedgewood MS
2440 Richard Roth Wedgewood MS
2441 Jennifer Moir Wedgewood MS
2442 Katherine Stine Wedgewood MS
2443 Elizabeth Stultz Weinland Park
2445 Eugene Love Weinland Park
2446 Cynthia Wilimitis Weinland Park
2447 Kimberly Flanagan Weinland Park
2448 Angela Mosley Weinland Park
2449 Jacquelyn Tulodzieski Weinland Park
2450 Heather Krekeler Weinland Park
2451 Jennifer Moore Weinland Park
2452 Sherelle Eaton Weinland Park
2453 Cynthia C. Smithers Weinland Park E. S.
2454 Elizabeth Reeder Weinland Park Elememtary
2455 Deborah McGregor Weinland Park Elementary
2456 Jocelyn Reedus Weinland Park Elementary
2457 Trish Rivera Weinland Park Elementary
2458 Valerie Jozef Weinland Park Elementary
2459 DeAndrea Jones Weinland Park ES
2460 Shelby Gonzales Weinland Park/ Eastgate
2461 Elizabeth Johnson West
2462 Robin J Barker West
2463 Laura Young West Broad
2464 Kristen Reed West Broad
2465 Amy Sewell West Broad
2466 Stephanie Goodrich West broad
2467 Lisa caseman West broad
2468 claire shaheen West Broad
2469 Leslie Moore West Broad Elementary
2470 Stacy Fischer West Broad Elementary
2471 Kimberly Reeder West Broad Elementary
2472 Coleen McGarvey West Broad Elementary
2473 Erin Brown West Broad Elementary
2474 Laura Wintle West Broad Elementary
2475 Amy Thompson West Broad Elementary
2476 Dana Patterson West Broad Elementary
2477 Kimberly Reeder West Broad Elementary
2478 Mallory Harrington West Broad Elementary
2479 Amber Teague West Broad Elementary
2480 Melissa Angione West Broad Elementary
2481 Vera Jones- Maleck West Broad Elementary
2482 Teresa Black West Broad Elementary
2483 Jacquia Hearn West Broad Elementary School
2484 Jennifer Riegler West Broad Elementary School
2485 Kristin Wonder West Broad Elementary School
2486 Shannon Regan West Broad Elementary School
2487 Kara Deckelman West Broad Elementary School
2488 Angela Rybicki-Place West Broad ES
2489 Raegan Sweetman West Broad/Starling
2490 Eric Young West H.S.
2491 Sean Gentry West High
2492 Jennifer Keeder West High School
2493 Charles gibson West high school
2494 Scott Wedell West High School
2495 Sharon Turchan West High School
2496 Christopher Schoenfeldt West High School
2497 Michelle Prenger West High School
2498 Nathan Perry West High School
2499 Jennifer Orlins West High School
2500 Justin Newsome West High School
2501 Amy Keyser West High School
2502 Courtney Hinckley West High School
2503 Elizabeth Higginbotham West High School
2504 William Engelman West High School
2505 Tony Dugan West High School
2506 Michelle Delio West High School
2507 Joe Bernowski West High School
2508 Breann Arrasmith West High School
2509 Mark Antonelli West High School
2510 Ammar Al-Sharafi West High School
2511 Mwaliko Ahmed West High School
2512 Marybeth Bourekas West High School
2513 Shannon Church West High School
2514 Carrie Ebright West High School
2515 Chad Flory West High School
2516 Jeffrey S Lawless West High School
2517 David Knerem West High School
2518 Christopher Schoenfeldt West High School
2519 Andrew Merritt West High School
2520 Shannon Church West High School
2521 Lori Collins West High School
2522 Carrie Ebright West High School
2523 Jesus Fabregas West High School
2524 Andrew Merritt West High School
2525 Robin Martz West High School
2526 Cameron Williamson West High School
2527 Amanda Roberts West High School
2528 Betsy Williams West High School
2529 Scott Ivery West High School
2530 Trudy McClaskey West High School
2531 Carlee Beatty West High School
2532 Wynette Simms West High School
2533 Trudy McClaskey West High School
2534 Trudy McClaskey West High School
2535 Zina Thomas West High School
2536 Felix Catheline West High School
2537 Katherine Shockley West High School
2538 Connor Perry West High School
2539 Elizabeth Higginbotham West High School
2540 Lori L. Collins West High School
2541 Elizabeth Williams West High School
2542 Breann Arrasmith West high school
2543 Robin Martz West High School
2544 Amanda Rizer West High School
2545 Justin Carver West High School
2546 Michelle Prenger West High School
2547 Ryan Marich West High School
2548 Justin Newsome West High School
2549 William Engelman West High School
2550 Orlando McCoy West High School
2551 Megan Hinz West High School
2552 Renata Weaver BSN, RN, LSN West High School
2553 Mary Bateman West High School
2554 Shelley Hackett West HS
2555 J Johnson West HS
2556 Ryan McClure West HS
2557 Benjamin Suvar West HS
2558 Carl washington West HS
2559 Jennifer Orlins West HS
2560 Ryan McClure West HS
2561 Scott Ivery West HS
2562 Lauren Johnston West HS
2563 Tony Dugan West HS
2564 Michael Buschur West HS
2565 Dave Knerem West HS
2566 Jeff Branson West HS
2567 Mark Antonelli West HS
2568 Mary Dye West Mound
2569 Nicole Broomfield West Mound
2570 Debbie Robertson West Mound
2571 Debbie Seastone West Mound
2572 Daniel Showalter West Mound
2573 Suzanne Van Schaik West Mound
2574 Debbie Seastone West Mound
2575 Katherine Kington West Mound
2576 Alicia Gibson West Mound
2577 Alison Armpriester West Mound
2578 Jennifer Kuhns West Mound
2579 Steven Dever West Mound Elementary
2580 Jomika Jackson West Mound Elementary
2581 Gracey Hester West Mound Elementary
2582 Emma Schlosser West Mound Elementary
2583 Virginia Miller West Mound Elementary
2584 Erin Imwalle West Mound Elementary School
2585 Michelle Palmquist West Mound Elementary School
2586 Amber Nash West Mound ES
2587 Cathy Miles West Mound ES
2588 Shelley Justice West Mound ES
2589 Deborah Bennett West Mound ES
2590 Kara Horn Westgate
2591 Stefanie Sheridan Westgate
2592 Rebecca Willis Westgate
2593 Laura England Westgate
2594 Jessica Washam Westgate
2595 Sharon Mabry Westgate Alternative
2596 Donna Noble Westgate Alternative Elementary School
2597 Maria george Westgate elementary
2598 Karen Distefano Westgate Elementary
2599 Devin Puttick Westgate Elementary
2600 Rachel E. Dreher Westgate Elementary
2601 Wendy Tyack Westgate elementary
2602 Sherri Kiser Westgate Elementary
2603 Brenda Bartholomew Westgate Elementary
2604 Brittany Phillips Westgate ES
2605 Laura Heald Westgate ES
2606 Susan Fayazi-Azad Westgate/ Highland
2607 Jodelle Henry-Shipley Westmoor
2608 Karen E Taylor Westmoor
2609 Danielle Bryant Westmoor
2610 Jamie Kingsland Westmoor
2611 Christian Blackwell Westmoor
2612 Sherry Berg Westmoor
2613 Rhonda Troutman Westmoor
2614 Barbara Buckley Westmoor
2615 Seth Ripley Westmoor
2616 Barbara Buckley Westmoor Middle
2617 Samantha Luh, MSCIN Westmoor Middle
2618 James Elwy Westmoor Middle School
2619 Jodell L Coplan Westmoor Middle School
2620 Angela Pratt Westmoor Middle School
2621 Mollie Wise Westmoor Middle School
2622 Bridget Hamilton Westmoor Middle School
2623 Maria Gies Westmoor Middle School
2624 Farrel Golden Westmoor Middle School
2625 Troy Smith Westmoor Middle School
2626 Robert Herbst Westmoor Middle School
2627 Jamie Brown Westmoor Middle School
2628 Michele Stutz Westmoor Middle School
2629 Amanda Starkey Westmoor Middle School
2630 Casey Bernhardt Westmoor Middle School
2631 Allison James westmoor middle school
2632 Robert Talley Westmoor Middle School
2633 Leslie BeVier Westmoor Middle School
2634 Michaela Allen Westmoor middle school
2635 Kristina Laber Westmoor MS
2636 Neiah Blackwell Westmoor MS
2637 Derek Duncan Westmoor MS
2638 Brady Sowards Westmoor MS
2639 Jeany Heck Westmoor MS
2640 Teresa Edwards Westmoor MS
2641 Jessica Streit Westmoor MS
2642 Anna Schwab Whetstone
2643 Matt Agee Whetstone
2644 Allison Lewis Whetstone
2645 Karen Wolfe Nuce Whetstone
2646 R. Dean Washington Whetstone
2647 Amy Tichy Whetstone
2648 Kate Medwid Whetstone
2649 Zach Hamer Whetstone
2650 Jennifer Howard Whetstone
2651 Chris Murray Whetstone High School
2652 Tina Marchetti Whetstone High School
2653 Hannah Inbody Whetstone High School
2654 Austin Ford Whetstone High School
2655 Kimberly Reiner, MSSA/MSW, LSW Whetstone High School
2656 Krista Buckley Whetstone High School
2657 Jennifer Berend Whetstone High School
2658 Karen Ballmer Whetstone High School
2659 Jill Sampson Whetstone High School
2660 Daniel Trimner Whetstone High School
2661 Hannah Green Whetstone High School
2662 Michelle Mejia Whetstone High School
2663 Megan Brautigam Whetstone High School
2664 Andrew Vandemark Whetstone High School
2665 David Smith Whetstone High School
2666 Amy Lenigan Whetstone High School
2667 Lindsey Mathews Whetstone High School
2668 Cameron Assadian Whetstone High School
2669 Michael Dwyer Whetstone High School
2670 Gerard Iquina Whetstone High School
2671 Christine Jonard Whetstone High School
2672 Elliot Dobelle Whetstone High School
2673 Katrisha Trenor Whetstone High School
2674 Kathy Arnold Whetstone High School
2675 Grace McAllister Whetstone High School
2676 Emily Boyne Whetstone High School, Columbus North International
2677 David Patrick Whetstone HS
2678 Scott Radde Whetstone HS
2679 Justin DeWolfe Whetstone HS
2680 Deanna Moorer Whetstone HS
2681 Aimee Bonner Whetstone HS
2682 Christy West, RN Whetstone HS
2683 Karen Riggs Whetstone HS
2684 Marie Fiascunari Whetstone HS
2685 Doug Kohler Whetstone HS
2686 Rita Morgan Whetstone HS
2687 David Patrick Whetstone HS
2688 Angela Stokes Whetstone HS
2689 Adam Berry Whetstone HS
2690 Karla Sowers Windsor
2691 Michael Evans Windsor
2692 Sybil Stokes Windsor STEM
2693 Christine Warner Windsor STEM
2694 Penny Mayle Windsor STEM
2695 Deirdre McDaniel Windsor STEM
2696 Jacqueline Brown Windsor STEM
2697 Rachel Patrick MEd BSN RN LSN Windsor STEM
2698 Sarah Randolph Windsor Stem
2699 Melissa Graham Windsor STEM
2700 Meghann Moore Windsor Stem
2701 Scott Thompson Windsor stem
2702 Devanique Grubb Windsor STEM
2703 Angela Graham Windsor STEM Academy
2704 Margaret Kochheiser Windsor Stem Academy
2705 Jessica Downin Windsor STEM Academy
2706 Brittaney Barnes Windsor Stem Academy
2707 Jennifer Clark Windsor STEM Academy
2708 Shayla Dawson Windsor STEM Academy
2709 Joel Dye Windsor Stem Academy
2710 Stacy Armengau Windsor Stem Academy
2711 Josh Spain Windsor Stem Academy
2712 Tina Brady Windsor STEM Academy
2713 Emilie Huenke Windsor STEM Academy
2714 Kelli Mayle Windsor STEM Academy
2715 Laura Hammer Winterset
2716 Laura Hammer Winterset
2717 Laura Hammer Winterset
2718 Jill Lewis Winterset
2719 Mary Truelove Winterset
2720 Robin Lucas Winterset
2721 Shawn Abernathy Winterset
2722 Rachelle King Winterset
2723 Yvonne M Rammel Winterset Elementary
2724 Yvonne M. Rammel Winterset Elementary
2725 Linda Hulteen Winterset Elementary
2726 Rachel Concitis Winterset Elementary
2727 Jennifer Landsberg Winterset elementary school
2728 William Blount Winterset Elementary, CSIA
2729 Jodi Merry Winterset ES
2730 Margaret Amos Winterset ES
2732 Amanda Viau WLMS/CCPSG
2733 Emily Bernardi Woodcrest
2734 Amber Gilbert Woodcrest
2735 Chenzira Sneed Woodcrest
2736 Candice Mamere Woodcrest
2737 Lirea Turner Woodcrest
2738 Allison Giles Woodcrest
2739 Karie Gilchrist Woodcrest
2740 Peggy Rowe Woodcrest
2741 Yolanda Plair Woodcrest & Colerain ES
2742 Nooriya Marshall Woodcrest Ele.
2743 Jeri Hensley Woodcrest Elementary
2744 Brandi Braker Woodcrest Elementary
2745 Cassidy Wenzel Woodcrest Elementary
2746 Andrea Milas Mikes Woodcrest, East Linden, Valley Forge, and Lindbergh Es
2747 Kris Letson Woodward Park
2748 Cara Zang Woodward Park
2749 JeNell Roberts Woodward Park
2750 Beth Natali Woodward Park
2751 Jason Bishop Woodward park
2752 Chris Laslo Woodward Park
2753 Alexandra Smith Woodward Park
2754 James Yuse Woodward Park
2755 Cheryl Torrence Woodward Park
2756 Erica Gonzales Woodward Park
2757 Emily Shrilla Woodward Park
2758 Niles Riddel Woodward Park
2759 Martin Bannan Woodward Park
2760 David Hirsch Woodward Park
2761 Todd Norman Woodward park
2762 Joshua Garriott Woodward Park
2763 Kendra Cline Woodward Park @ Walden
2764 Tracy Jenkins Woodward Park 7-8
2765 Natalie Goff Woodward Park at Walden
2766 Matthew Yuhasz Woodward Park at Walden
2767 Anna Ferron Woodward Park at Walden
2768 Tamara Hampton Woodward Park at Walden 6 th  Grade
2769 Kelly McAllister Woodward Park Middle School
2770 Cindy Bellant Woodward Park Middle School
2771 Dana Stedman Woodward Park Middle School
2772 Gabriel Soliz Woodward Park Middle School
2773 Amy Brugger Woodward Park Middle School
2774 Angela Jackson Woodward Park Middle School
2775 Elizabeth Schmidt Woodward Park Middle School
2776 Kayla Metcalf Woodward Park Middle School
2777 Leah Jill Browning Woodward park middle school
2778 Kay Kirkhart Woodward Park Middle School
2779 Nicole Fontaine Woodward Park middle school
2781 Halle Kramer Woodward Park Middle School
2782 Kristin Bannan Woodward Park Middle School
2783 Andrew Bannan Woodward Park middle school
2784 Christopher Daniel Woodward Park MS
2785 Stephanie Barnett Woodward Park MS
2786 Kathleen Perkins Woodward Park MS
2787 Andrew Jenkins Woodward Park MS
2788 Michelle Pollard Woodward Park MS
2789 Christine Boyd Woodward Park MS
2790 Joe Oyer World Language
2791 Gianna Pandolfi de Rinaldis World language middle school
2792 Heidi Baxter World Language Middle School
2793 Tracey Rutherford World language middle school
2794 Derek Braun World Language Middle School
2795 Kirby Childress World Language Middle School
2796 Joe Cimino World Language Middle School
2797 John Pettibone World Language Middle School
2798 William Daniel Carter World Language Middle School
2799 Lindsey Fintel World Language Middle School
2800 Kate King World Language Middle School
2801 Lesley Calhoun World Language Middle School
2802 Rosa Arjona World Language Middle School
2803 Erin Ottobre World Language Middle School
2804 Killien Howenstine World Language Middle School
2805 Melissa DeFilippo World Language Middle School
2806 Alexa Gagliardi World Language Middle School
2807 Alexandra Miller World Language Middle School
2808 Marisa Moore World Language Middle School
2809 Mary DeLozier World Language Middle School
2810 Mary DeLozier World Language Middle School
2811 Shirley Skinn WPMS @ Walden
2812 Dale johnson Wrhs
2813 Connie Hagan WWP@w
2814 John Leake Yorktown
2815 Ebony Woodard Yorktown
2816 Cheryl Jackson Yorktown
2817 Angela Rickly Yorktown
2818 Jacob Mostyn Yorktown
2819 Christopher Groves Yorktown Middle School
2820 Sean Powers Yorktown Middle School
2821 Marian Bryant Yorktown Middle School
2822 Nicole McKay Yorktown Middle School
2823 Russell Bartholomew Yorktown Middle School
2824 Kiara Hardgrow Yorktown Middle School
2825 Amany Seleem Yorktown Middle School
2826 Christopher Groves Yorktown Middle School
2827 Alvin McCall Yorktown Middle School
2828 Quentin Taylor Yorktown Middle School
2829 Erin Wilson Yorktown Middle School
2830 Heidi Heacock Yorktown Middle School
2831 Roxanne Beard Yorktown Middle School
2832 Sara Klose Yorktown Middle School
2833 LaVonne Clements Yorktown Middle School
2834 C. Anthony Peters Yorktown Middle School
2835 Leanna Williams Yorktown MS
2836 Christy Burchfield Yorktown MS
2837 Meg Kelly Yorktown MS