Speak Out: Join our Middle School Makeover design team

"Extreme Home Makeover" by flickr user Patrishe.

Each week, ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” selects a deserving family that has been going through a recent rough patch. Ty Pennington’s design team spends time with the family at the beginning of each episode. The team listens to find out what isn’t working with the family’s old house and plans design changes accordingly. Over the course of seven days, the old house is demolished and rebuilt. The new home is dramatically presented to the family at the end of the episode. Because the design team took the time to listen, the new home meets the family’s needs.

CEA can think of no family in Columbus City Schools more in need of an extreme home makeover than the district’s middle schools. Recently, the administration announced changes at the middle school level. We would like to think the administration followed the lead of Ty Pennington’s design team and listened to our middle school teachers, but we have our doubts.

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