Grievances Filed

Building/Unit/ AdministratorStatement of GrievanceRelief RequestedDisposition
Lincoln Park ES
Karla Case
Adm. failed to establish an elementary art schedule in compliance with the contract.Adm. establish a schedule that complies with the contract.Grievance denied at Step 1; grievance withdrawn prior to Step 2 following agreement between Executive Director and CEA.
Walnut Ridge HS
Richard Stotts
Adm. utilized an arbitrary and/or capricious basis for the rescission of his selection of a department chair supplemental contract.Adm. award the department chair supplemental contract to the original member selected.Denied at Step 1. Step 2 hearing documentation has not been received from CCS.
Easthaven ES
Verniendo Miller
Adm. reprimanded grievant without just cause and subjected grievant to verbal abuse by reprimanding the grievant in front of multiple classes of students and at least two other colleagues.That the administrator reprimand the employee only with just cause when necessary in a private setting away from colleagues, students and parents and that the grievant will not be subjected to repeated and/or extreme verbal abuse.In the event that the grievant needs to be addressed on this or any other matter, administrator will:

• Notify grievant of the need to have a meeting
• Conduct the meeting in a private area
• Make sure a third party is present at the meeting
West HS
Lucas Cech
Adm. unilaterally implemented a nine period day without seeking Reform Panel approval.Adm. revert the student schedule to an eight period day and that any future schedule variances follow the Reform Panel approval process.Grievance denied at Step 1; grievance denied at Step 2. Sent to arbitration by unanimous vote by the CEA Board of Governors. Arbitration pending.