Joint Evaluation Panel

The Joint Evaluation Panel (JEP Panel) consists of Five (5) representatives appointed by the CEA President and four representatives appointed by the Superintendent.  The JEP Panel will two (2) distinct functions:

  1. The JEP Panel, by a three-fourths (3/4ths) concurrence of its full membership, may approve variances and modifications of the evaluation process, forms, criteria and/or standards of evaluation for bargaining unit educators, based on changes in state laws, the particular nature of an educator’s assignment(s), and/or other unusual or extenuating circumstances.  The JEP Panel shall be co-chaired by the Association President/designee and Superintendent/designee.
  2. The JEP Panel shall be the exclusive portal or forum for a member of the CEA bargaining unit (whether instructional or non-instructional) to contest or challenge his/her evaluation as arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable, as in violation of the applicable evaluation process, and/or as in violation of Article 105 of the CEA Master Agreement.

Current Members of the Joint Evaluation Panel are:

Seneca Bing – Guidance Counselor, Columbus Alternative HS – CEA

Tracey D. Johnson – Staff Consultant, Columbus Education Association – CEA*

Kristy Leigh – TOSA, Professional Learning & Licensure, Northgate Center – CEA

Michaels Owens – Principal, Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys – Administrator

Katherine Righter – TOSA, School Improvement Office, Ft Hayes – CEA

Darryl Sanders – Chief Academic Officer, Columbus Education Center – Administrator *

Mickie Sebenoler – Supervisor, Professional Learning & Licensure, Northgate Center – Administrator

*Denotes Co-Chair