Bargaining Committee

The Bargaining Committee is responsible for negotiating a new contract between the Board of Education and CEA. The team is guided by proposals submitted by the membership. These proposals are formally approved for the negotiations package by the Legislative Assembly (LA). Further guidance is obtained by polling the members, the Board of Governors, or through mass membership meetings.

Teri Mullins (Chair)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution Committee is responsible for keeping the Constitution up-to-date and checking to eliminate conflicts. Any possible amendments should be sent to the committee for preparation in advance of the Legislative Assembly debate and vote. Suggestions for all changes should be made to this committee.

Phil Hayes (Chair)

Kriston Crombie Stotik

Kim Ogilbee

Dwayne Zimmerman

Megan Hinz

Tracie Helmbrecht

Cassandra Daniels

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for organizing and overseeing all elections of the Association. Recommendations for changes in elections procedure originate in the Elections Committee and are forwarded on to the governing bodies for action. All counting of ballots is handled by the committee.

Neil Moore (Chair)

Dori Appel

Shirley Cannon

Cheryl Cooper

Jeff Corbin

Paul Froelich

Drew Michael

Erica Raymore

Dwayne Zimmerman

Scholarship Committee

The CEA Scholarship Committee is an awards fund to provide scholarships to the children of CEA members. Guidelines for the selection of recipients have been determined by the committee with the approval of the Board of Governors. The scholarships are presented at the Annual CEA Awards and Retirement Banquet.

Renee Kelley (Chair)

Minority Involvement Program Committee

The Minority Involvement Program (MIP) Committee goal is to encourage the involvement of the Association minorities and promotes the interests of minority members. One of the main activities of the MIP Committee is the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Dinner.

Kenya Davis (Chair)

Jeanette Johnson (BOG Liaison)

Teacher Leader Initiative

Tyree Rivers (Local Coach)

Kriston Crombie Stotik (Local Coach)

Johari Mitchell (Local Coach)

Columbus Early Career Educators (CECE)

Megan Flowers (Co-Chair)

Brittany Herb (Co-Chair)

Ashley Green (Communications Chair)


Carla Davis (Co-Chair)

Greg Mild (Co-Chair)

CEA Retirement and Awards Banquet

Cheryl Cooper (Chair)

Joe Decker (BOG Liaison)