Union Shares

For 61 years, members of the Central Ohio AFL-CIO lead a giving program called Union Shares, coordinated with St. Stephen’s Community House. It reaches over 3,500 families during the holidays with the support of local schools, corporate champions and generous citizens. The Christmas Care program gives a hand to families during the holiday season who find themselves in a critical position due to situations such as fixed incomes, job lay-offs and/or family illness. In an effort to minimize some of the hardship felt by families, St. Stephens will collect non-perishable food items, new toys or receive financial contributions towards the purchase of needed items. The 2014 campaign kick-off is in September. For information as to how you can support our efforts, please contact for more information Renea Williams at 294.6347 ext. 124, or visit www.saintstephensch.org

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