We all have problems from time to time, whether it’s trouble making ends meet, difficulty

finding childcare, or challenges in our family relationships. CEA has negotiated the Employee

Assistance Program (EAP), a benefit to assist you in coping with life. It's a way to get help, and

it's confidential. Our program is run by Guidance Resources, which provides supportive resources via

phone and on its website. When you call 800-774-6420, you can get a referral for matters related

to work, family, health and other areas of your life, including:

Free, short-term counseling for stress, depression, grief, substance abuse and other areas

Family and caregiving consultation

Legal and financial issues

Household maters, personal and family safety, travel, recreation, relocation and more

Wellness services, fitness center and other healthy lifestyle supports

The website at guidanceresources.com features articles, assessments, webinars,

financial calculators, searchable databases, skill builders and more. Log on with CCS as the company ID.

Topics you may need assistance with include: financial planning, health and wellness, marriage

and family, stress and anxiety, legal problems, dependent care for children and the elderly,

emotional and psychological concerns, community resources and alcohol and drug abuse.

It's good to consider counseling if you:

* feel overly preoccupied with a problem

* fail repeatedly to solve it by yourself+

* find yourself denying that a problem exists or hoping it will go away

* feel that you dont have the resources to solve it

* feel unhappy most of the time

* experience problems with family or friends because of it or

* get tired or sick from it

Don't wait until stress builds to a health-threatening level. Get help. It's your right!

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