How are your sizes?

The Oct. 1 date for reorganization has passed, and “count week” is over. Take a look at your room. Classes should not exceed the limits set in the contract.

Article 301 explains it. We amended the contract for middle school and high school teachers, changing the class load to 150 students per day. Members whose class size exceeds the limit should contact CEA immediately.

Here are the limits:

• K-3: no more than 29 students each

• 4-5: no more than 30 students each

• K & Grades 1-5: Approximately 25 pupils per classroom teacher

• Middle school: no more 35 students per class and 150 students per day

• High school: no more than 36 students per class and 150 students per day

If you have any questions about class size, call CEA Vice President Phil Hayes at 253-4731.