Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)

PAR is the district's program to evaluate and assist entry-year teachers or experienced teachers having particular difficulties. PAR Consulting Teachers work closely with participants on observation and planning. Experienced teachers may be referred to PAR by peers or principals; however, most refer themselves. The PAR Panel governs the program, with four members appointed by CEA, and three members appointed by the superintendent. The CEA President and the Executive Director of Human Resources co-chair the PAR Program. Introduced by CEA in 1986, the program is a national model in a climate where teacher performance is the main topic of professional (and legislative) discussion these days.
The PAR Intern Program is mandatory for all teachers newly hired by Columbus Public Schools, even those with previous experience. The PAR Intervention Program is designed to assist experienced teachers who are having difficulties. An elaborate process of checks and balances governs the referral of a teacher to this program. A referral can be initiated by either an administrator or another teacher.

Read more about the PAR process in our booklet.

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