Teachers for Better Schools is CEA’s political action arm. TBS examines the political issues, interviews candidates for state and local elections, and recommends endorsements. Its process is extremely well respected throughout the state. TBS is a separate organization supported by CEA members through contributions. You can sign up to support this important entity, through payroll deduction. Call us and we will tell you how.

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TBS Officers

  • Phil Hayes (President)
  • John Coneglio (Vice President/Secretary)
  • Tom Busher (Treasurer)

Board of Trustees

  • Karen Andermills
  • Traci Arway
  • Kriston Crombie-Stotik
  • Michelle Coneglio
  • Gerry Curran
  • Carla Davis
  • Angel Dyer-Sanchez
  • Stephanie Gates-Barrows
  • Andrew Merritt
  • Teri Mullins
  • Ezetta Murray
  • Kim Ogilbee
  • J. Sanchez
  • Tori Washington
  • Chris Weyand