“Last night, a St. Louis-based developer came before the Columbus City Schools Board of Education seeking approval for a 15 year, 100 percent tax abatement to develop the former Buckeye Steel site on the south side of Columbus.

Touted by the developer was $4.8 million in ‘estimated’ income tax sharing with the district and a ‘partnership’ which the developer values at approximately $253,000. What was not mentioned at all in the presentation was the total value of the abatement, reported by The Columbus Dispatch this morning at $8.9 million.

Columbus students deserve well-funded, properly staffed and maintained schools and the resources they need to succeed, not yet another massive tax break which shifts the funding burden to individual taxpayers. Columbus students don’t need window-dressing partnership schemes, they need wealthy corporations to pay their fair share.

The first slide of the developer’s presentation brags about $2 billion in revenue in 2017— they are hardly in need of a handout. By state law, Columbus City Schools must approve the abatement, and has the power to set conditions for its approval. Your union calls upon the Board to accept nothing less than the proper funding for the schools Columbus Students Deserve.”