CEA’s March 16, 2020 update includes compensation of CEA members, CEA office hours, CEA staff and leadership emails, March 17 primary election, UHC virtual visits, and EAP. CEA will continue to update members regularly via the ceaohio.org website and social media.

Compensation of CEA members and other school employees

On March 12, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine announced that effective with the end of the school day on March 16, 2020, all public, private, and charter schools in Ohio will be closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic for a period of three weeks. In addition, Columbus City Schools elected to declare Monday, March 15 a calamity day. Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3319.08; requires that Teachers be paid for “all time lost when the schools in which they are employed are closed due to an epidemic or other public calamity…”  The term “Teacher” as defined by Ohio Revised Code includes all members of CEA regardless of job title. Members should not be concerned that a school closure due to the COVID-19 epidemic will result in any loss of compensation.

Please direct payroll questions to payroll@columbus.k12.oh.us., and Human Resources questions to HR@columbus.k12.oh.us.

CEA Office Hours

As this crisis unfolds, CEA is striving to make wise and timely decisions regarding support for our members and students across the district, while heeding the recommendations of the CDC and other agencies regarding public health and the safety of CEA staff and leadership. Therefore, the CEA office will be closed in conjunction with Columbus City Schools until April 6, 2020. However, CEA staff will continue to serve our members by teleworking. Please note that the CEA office general voicemail will not be monitored, however, CEA staff will be checking their e-mail accounts daily. For individual e-mail addresses; as well as CEA updates please visit the CEA website at www.ceaohio.org. Please continue to monitor your CCS and personal e-mail accounts for updates. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 crisis closely and communicate CEA decisions as situations change.

CEA Staff and Leadership Emails

John Coneglio: coneglioj@ceaohio.org
Phil Hayes: hayesp@ceaohio.org
Jeremy Baiman: baimanj@ohea.org
Tom Busher: bushert@ceaohio.org
Tia Hayden: haydent@ceaohio.org
Cindy Love: lovec@ceaohio.org
Teri Mullins: tmullins@ceaohio.org
Dorothy Wilson: dwilson@ceaohio.org
Kathy Wilkes: wilkesk@ceaohio.org
Michelle Crouse: crousem@ceaohio.org

March 17 Primary Election

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced this afternoon that in-person voting for the March 17 Primary Election has been delayed until June 2. Absentee ballots are permitted during the delay. Please check the Franklin County Board of Elections website for details.

Virtual Visits/United Health Care
UnitedHealthcare’s virtual visits model lets members see and talk to a doctor from their homes anytime, day or night. Complete a brief medical history anytime at https://uhc.com/VirtualVisits

We know that the coming weeks will be difficult for many. Guidance Resources are available to staff members 24/7. You can choose to access EAP via phone or online.
Phone: 800.774.6420 (TDD 800.697.0353) or On-line: www.guidanceresources.com