CEA’s March 24, 2020 update includes expectations, evaluations, personal devices, CEA survey results, and OEA Action Alert. CEA will continue to update members regularly via the ceaohio.org website and social media.


CEA continues to engage in conversation with the District regarding a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) governing work rules during this period. Until an agreement is reached, all provisions of the CEA-CCS Master Agreement remain in place. If you receive a directive from your supervisor that you believe may violate our contract, please email CEA immediately at tellcea@ceaohio.org.

Follow-up any non-contractual “request” from a supervisor with an email ask; “Am I being directed to do this?” If the answer is yes, forward the response to CEA. Our current Master Agreement is available electronically at www.ceaohio.org/cea-contract/.


It is the position of CEA and our state affiliate, the Ohio Education Association, that no components of evaluations which have previously occurred only in person should be done virtually (i.e. observations).

To date, the Ohio Department of Education has not issued guidance on this issue. We are aware of last week’s email message from District administration to evaluators instructing them to complete evaluation components virtually. CEA has already sent a formal letter to the District regarding the contractual violations and multiple licensure issues this directive represents. It is the intent of the CEA members on our CEA-CCS Joint Evaluation Panel to schedule a meeting and vote formally to halt evaluations pending ODE guidance. In the meantime, despite our desire to work cooperatively with the District during this unprecedented situation, we are prepared to file a grievance if necessary to ensure that virtual evaluations are halted.

If you are asked to schedule a virtual component of your evaluation, please contact Teri Mullins immediately at tmullins@ceaohio.org.

Personal Devices

It is the position of CEA that the usage of personal electronic devices by District employees for conducting District business opens up CEA bargaining unit members to significant liability. This is due to data security issues (HIPPA, FERPA, information considered confidential by the District), liability (member and District liability for loss or theft of data), inconsistent member access (both hardware and software as well as internet connectivity), and member privacy (exposure of personal devices to Public Records Requests litigation, agency investigations)

Due to the unprecedented public health crisis we are facing, we understand the need for flexibility. At the very least, District email information can be retrieved if necessary from the server rather than the device itself. However, if CEA bargaining unit members are going to be directed to store data or complete other tasks such as IEPs, academic information, or student contact information, this work should be done on a District-provided device for the reasons stated above. For more information see the ODE Licensure Professional Code of Conduct – Appropriate and Responsible use of Technology.

For your own protection, please make sure that you request a District device from your supervisor in writing, even if you are aware that one cannot be provided immediately.

Survey Results

Thank you! A record number of CEA members (about two-thirds of our membership) completed last week’s survey. Your participation was absolutely critical for CEA’s efforts to advocate on your behalf. The results detail both the incredible amount of work already being done by CEA members and the immense challenges we face regarding student and family access to distance-learning technology. These results have been shared with District leadership. View the full survey results at the link below:

Full CEA COVID-19 Survey Results

OEA Action Alert

The Ohio General Assembly is set to meet this week to vote on pressing issues related to the current health crisis and its impact on schools and other functions of government. Among these issues is a proposal to waive state testing for this school year, deal with the delay of the primary election and address the looming deadline for EdChoice voucher applications.

Click here to urge your legislator to take action on these critical issues.

CEA Staff and Leadership Emails

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