COLUMBUS, OH – The Columbus Education Association was devastated to learn last week that CCS graduate Casey Goodson, Jr. was shot and killed by law enforcement on December 4, 2020 while entering his grandmother’s home.

Casey’s sixth grade math teacher Malissa Thomas-St. Clair, a veteran CCS teacher and CEA member at Champion Middle School, reflected on the close relationship she maintained with her former student in a now-viral Facebook post. Thomas-St. Clair says Goodson Jr. reached out to reconnect after she lost her own son to violence in 2013: “Casey was my refuel at a time I wanted to throw in the towel.  He was my reason to keep pouring my soul into my current students.  He became my constant motivation when the frustrations would outweigh the purpose.  Casey did not know each time he randomly checked on me, he was the lighter that would relight my candle of passion when the career barriers seemed to be too much.”

On Thursday, Thomas-St. Clair addressed the CEA Board of Governors to share her story as well as her work with the non-profit she founded, Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children, which advocates for families who are victims of violence in our community. Following Thomas St. Clair’s address, the Union’s Board of Governors voted unanimously to make a two-thousand dollar donation to the organization in memory of Casey Goodson, Jr.

“This summer our Union marched with our community to reaffirm that Black Lives Matter,” said CEA President John Coneglio. “The killing of another young man of color by law enforcement, a CCS graduate, underscores how much work is yet to be done. We cannot be silent; Casey Goodson, Jr. deserves justice. CEA calls for a full and transparent investigation into his death and for the structural changes necessary for our students and members of color to feel safe in their own community.”

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