CEA Spring 2022 Elections: The following elected positions will be filled in the current election cycle: NEA Local Delegates; NEA State-at-Large Delegates*; 2022–23 OEA Delegates, CEA President, CEA Vice President, District 2 Governor, District 7 Governor, District 8 Governor, District 9 Governor, and High School Governor-at-Large. The declaration period begins on Monday, Jan. 3. Declaration forms are available for download on the CEA website or may be obtained by contacting Michelle Crouse (crousem@ceaohio.org). Declaration forms must be received in the CEA office by 4:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 4. Ballots will be sent to buildings during the last full week of February. The voting window begins Tuesday, Mar. 1, and ends Tuesday, Mar. 15. Members of the Elections Committee will collect ballots for tally Wednesday, Mar. 16. Call Elections Chair Brittany Herb at (440) 225-2631 with any questions.

* NEA State-at-Large Declaration Forms must be submitted to William Baird at OEA by Jan. 31, 2022.