Victory Friday: Testy About Testing Yet?

Image courtesy of Flickr user Roswellsgirl's

Image courtesy of Flickr user Roswellsgirl’s

Teachers throughout Columbus City Schools have already begun to administer the Ohio Achievement Test (OAT) and will continue to test grades 3 through 8 in the coming weeks. Standardized testing can be an extremely stressful period of time, punctuated with moments of levity and sincerity on the parts of both teachers and students.

To that end, The CEA Blog has culled the best standardized testing vignettes from teachers and administrators throughout the national blogosphere and packaged them together for this “Victory Friday” edition.

Middle school teacher Pete explains where the term “Victory Friday” comes from.

What is Victory Friday? (It) is obviously celebrated on Friday as a victory over the work week. It also serves as a jumping off point to a relaxing weekend.

The CEA Blog wishes its members a hale and hearty “Victory Friday” for this week and those left in the school year. Click on the “More” tab below to continue reading.

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