Are You Proficient In Math?


Today you will be taking the Ohio Grade 3 Mathematics Practice Test.

There are several important things to remember:

1. Read each question carefully. Think about what is being asked. If a graph or other diagram goes with the question, look at it carefully to help you answer the question. Then choose or write the answer that you think is best.

2. When you write your answers, write them neatly and clearly in the space provided using a pencil.

3. When you answer a multiple choice question, make sure you fill in the circle next to the answer. Mark only one answer.

4. If you do not know the answer to a question, skip it and go on. If you have time, go back to the questions you skipped and answer them before you hand in your test booklet.

5. If you finish the test early, you may check over your work. When you are finished and your test booklet has been collected, you may take out your silent work.

Click on the link below to continue on to the practice test.

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Speak Out: Testing Time Waster

fox-testing-test1.jpgIt’s hard to believe we’re halfway through another school year.What’s astounding, however, is how much time testing has eaten from our classroom schedules since winter break.

Since Jan. 7, teachers have given nearly 30 standardized tests, including the Dominie, given in grades 2–5; quarterly assessments given in grades 2–12, and the full-length OAT practice test, given ingrades 3–8.


At minimum, that’s 60 hours spent giving the tests, not to mention the hours spent teaching the test format through sample questions andpractice exercises and filling out paperwork. Teachers are frustrated by the enormous amount of testing; and our students are burnt out, also.Click on the jump below to read more. [Read more…]