Representing our members: CEA Delegates at the NEA RA: July 3, 2010

CEA delegates at the Ohio caucus before the start of the first day of the 2010 NEA RA. Photo: Robert Hern.

Delegates from the Columbus Education Association (CEA) attended the third Ohio caucus on the morning of July 3, 2010. The group listened to speeches from candidates running for National Education Association (NEA) positions. Ohio delegation members then turned toward electing six members to sit on the NEA Resolutions Committee.  

The Committee reviews proposed additions or amendments to NEA’s Resolutions. NEA’s Standing Rules define resolutions as “formal expressions of opinion, intent, belief or position of the Association.” Resolutions that are reviewed by this committee are then reported on at the following NEA Representative Assembly (RA).  The Resolutions Committee safeguards the formal review process that allows NEA RA delegates to maintain and revise the institutional beliefs of NEA.

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Representing our members: CEA delegates at the NEA RA July 2, 2010

CEA-R member Marilyn Allen (second from left) and other NEA RA delegates from Ohio pose with a wax likeness of the late President Lyndon B. Johnson. Photo: Robert Hern, Jr.

More than 30 delegates representing the Columbus Education Association participated in the second Ohio Caucus for the 2010 NEA Representative Assembly (RA), held in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the caucus, delegates received reports from Ohio Education Association officers and staff.  Delegates also listened to a number of speeches from candidates seeking a variety of elected positions within the National Education Association.

Following the caucus, delegates registered at the Morial Convention Center. While the RA does not officially start until Saturday, July 3, many delegates chose to browse the dozens of vendors at the exhibition hall. Vendors provided many free resources to the teachers, including pens, tote bags, school supplies and other items.

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Delegates represent CEA members at national urban council

Delegates from the Columbus Education Association (CEA) attended the 2010 Summer Meeting of the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) in New Orleans from June 26-29. CEA has been a member of the council for many years. Ohio members of NCUEA include CEA, the Dayton Education Association and the South-Western Education Association.

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