Trump proposes decreased education funding

President Trump has released his first budget proposal, and it contains cuts to many education programs. Among these: after-school programs and college affordability programs. At the same, time, the budget would increase investment in federal school choice programs. The plan has generated significant media coverage, focused largely on negative outcomes should the plan come to fruition.  Education Week noted that the proposal “seeks to slash the Education Department’s roughly $68 billion budget by $9 billion, or 13 percent in the coming fiscal year, whacking popular programs that help districts offer after-school programs and hire and train teachers.” The proposal also “seeks a historic $1.4 billion federal investment in school choice, including new money for private school vouchers and charter schools, as well as directing $1 billion to follow students to the school of their choice.” The plan would eliminate Title II spending, “which is currently funded at $2.25 billion and helps states and districts hire and provide professional development for teachers.” the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program would also be scrapped, eliminating “after-school and extended-learning programs.”