You have lawyers

CEA membership provides a benefit that all of us need at one time or another: A legal services plan with reduced rates for those personal matters requiring a lawyer-such as developing an estate plan, resolving domestic matters or dealing with a traffic violation.

The Basic Plan (now known as the OEA/NEA Attorney Referral Program) is provided for every active member. When you become a member of the Association, you automatically receive, at a reduced rate, legal assistance with matters in five areas: real estate, wills and estates, domestic relations, consumer protection and traffic violations.

For a reasonable fee, payable by payroll deduction, the Comprehensive Plan provides more extensive coverage for people who need it. Included here are matters such as personal injury. The best thing is that your immediate family is eligible.

As a CEA member, you automatically receive four free half-hour meetings to discuss any legal matter, except income tax preparation. If you need more extensive legal assistance, including a document review, you can join the Comprehensive Plan and receive services at the discounted rate. A few legal services, such as help with business dealings, bankruptcy or taxes and defense in criminal matters, do not qualify for the discounted rate.

Call Cloppert, Sauter, Latanick and Washburn, the law firm administering the plan, at 461-4455 for consultations.