The purpose of the ABC is to assist the principal and the school staff in developing policies and programs for the school, including building discipline policies. ABC meetings are open to all teachers in the building.

ABC Members:
The ABC consists of the following members: the Senior Faculty Representative, two elected staff members and two members of the staff selected by the principal, plus one additional elected member and one appointed member selected for every additional twenty teachers on staff. The principal is not a member of the ABC.

ABC action areas:

The ABC can make recommendations to the principal regarding any area of concern relating to school operations including curriculum, attendance, facility, equipment, personnel, finances, students and administration.

Examples include, but not limited to, the following:

Selection of new staff members through the interview panel

Length of school day

Elementary lunch schedules

Staff development meetings

Expenditure of profits from vending machines

Additional phone line installation

Expenditure of profits from other fund raising projects

Discipline procedures and policies

Class size relating to non-academic classrooms

Ability groupings in elementary schools

Selection of textbook selection committees

Assignments and selection of aides

For more information, refer to Article 202 of the CEA Master Agreement.