Speak Out: Joining The 1 Mill Club

support75.JPGThe passage of Issue 75 is critical our students, our schools, our community and our future. By voting yes on Issue 75, the combined bond/ levy package would  extend the school day back to its original length, allow Columbus City Schools to continue to renovate or replace antiquated buildings, purchase badly needed textbooks, new buses and modern computers for its students.

To help Issue 75, many CEA members have joined the 1 Mill Club by donating $40 to defray campaign costs. By contributing one thousandth of a beginning teacher’s salary, each member who joins the 1 Mill Club helps the Columbus City Schools get one step closer to passing Issue 75. The CEA Blog wants 1 Mill Club members to answer the following question:

What made joining the 1 Mill Club a priority for you, and what would you say to your colleagues about the importance of joining the 1 Mill Club?

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