Late Layoffs: 9 Teachers Gone

2064177274_1741a97dd3_m.jpgNine Columbus teachers received devastating notices from the Administration on September 25: Their services to the district’s children would no longer be needed. The district’s immediate suspension of their contracts, their health, vision and dental insurance benefits will terminate in November for the teachers, their spouses and their children. One of the laid off teachers had 13 years of service to the district. 

“The administration knew there were no positions for these 9 teachers in the spring,” declared CEA President Rhonda Johnson, “and based on the reduction of the unified arts program at the middle school level, the administration should have issued layoff notices last spring. There is never a good time to be laid off, but the administration’s failure to act in a timely manner took away teachers’ options to find positions in other school districts.” 

“I was told by the administration that they were ‘close’ to estimating the number of teachers they needed,” continued Johnson. “Close is not good enough when you’re dealing with people’s livelihood. Staffing should be exact, not close.” 

“The Columbus City Schools face a financial crisis if Issue 75 does not pass. More layoffs are a reality. We must do everything necessary to support this levy.” added Johnson. “It is vital for our students, our schools, our community and our future.” 

A meeting will be held by the Administration on Oct. 1 to review the terms of the layoff and to discuss recall options. CEA consultants will be on hand to represent the affected teachers and to negotiate other employment opportunities. The administration has pledged to work with the Association to prevent this type of situation from occurring in the future.