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nclb_lrg.gifImpeachment in Pennsylvania, recess tag reinstated, manipulated by manipulatives, a principal volunteering to work for $1 and benefits, the hammer as NCLB, DC directives and NCLB changed to NCCLU.

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Two high school seniors in Pennsylvania skipped class to go see Democratic Presidential hopeful Barak Obama eat waffles. Despite getting hand-signed notes from Obama, the pair were suspended and one of the students who was President of his senior class, has been notified that he is now the subject of impeachment proceedings.

A suburban Maryland elementary school may reinstate its students’ ability to play tag on the playground. Concerned that the game was becoming too aggressive, the principal put the kibosh on the classic schoolyard activity. After a school committee meeting, class meetings and close teacher supervision, students may again be able to say “You’re it”, pending a positive administrative decision.

A recent student at The Ohio State University puts fort the idea that student use of manipulatives to help figure out math problems isn’t as effective as having students figure out the problem abstractly.

This article in the New York Times paints a heartening picture of the New Orleans public school system’s regeneration and it’s new no-nonsense superintendent.

Would you work for $1 per year plus benefits? This principal said he would in light of his district’s financial situation, but his superintendent turned him down.

Edwizes’ “New Teacher Diaries” addresses an issue urban students across the nation are wondering: “Are you coming back next year?”

When the No Child Left Behind Hammer falls, no teacher– or principal is safe in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

In the Washington DC school system, Chancellor Michelle Rhee has sent over 20 principals letters informing them that their services will not be needed– including the principal of her daughters’ school.

NCLB becomes NCCLU (No Child’s Classification Left Unchanged) in California. Over 80 schools in Cali changed the way they classified their students, and made AYP as a result. The latest example manifests itself at Will C. Wood Middle school– 4 biracial children were reclassified into other subgroups, allowing the school to make AYP. The Board of Education has stated that the parents were informed and onboard with the reclassification. (Hat tip to Flypaper.)