Approve The AFL-CIO Partnership: A Proven Track Record

afl-cio_logo.jpgTalking about working for economic and social justice is one thing, but the AFL-CIO has a proven track record. They have brought about substantive change that benefits working families. The AFL-CIO has been able to effect change at the local and the state level through grassroots activism and supporting progressive candidates.

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For example, the Central Ohio AFL-CIO Central Labor Council (CLC) successfully engaged in lobbying for the Columbus City Council to adopt a living wage ordinance several years ago.

The Akron CLC came to the aid of county workers engaged in a three-month strike. By organizing rallies, fund-raisers and helping to mobilize political allies, the strike ended and workers won a fair contract. The Cincinnati AFL-CIO played an indispensable role in organizing hundreds of janitors in downtown office buildings. They brought management to the table to negotiate the group’s first contract.

The AFL-CIO also supported proposed statewide minimum wage legislation. They gathered signatures that ensured its ballot placement and victory in the 2006 General Election. The officers and leadership of your Association wholeheartedly recommend voting to join the AFL-CIO Labor Solidarity Partnership.