Support Labor Solidarity Agreement: Strength In Numbers

afl-cio_logo.jpgMore than 130,000 teachers in Ohio belong to the Ohio Education Association, our state affiliate-another 30,000 belong to the Ohio Federation of Teachers. Both groups do an excellent job of advocating for their members’ best interests in the field of education, a considerable voice in a state with a population of 11 million. Read more after the jump below.

The active membership of the Ohio AFL-CIO exceeds 650,000 members. Those individuals live, vote, work and send their children to schools in every community in Ohio. With more than 55,000 active members of the AFL-CIO inCentral Ohio, organized labor provides a bulwark of support on issues of social and economic justice.


In addition to the 55,000 active union members inCentral Ohio, the AFL-CIO maintains an allied organization of workers without a union in their workplace, Working America (WA). Approximately 140,000 Working America members live, work, vote and send their children to schools in the Columbus area. The officers and leadership of your Association wholeheartedly recommend voting to join the AFL-CIO Labor Solidarity Partnership.