Columbus City Schools Roundup: 2/4-2/8

The deliberation continues on uniforms for CCS students. The committee studying the issue has said they need more time. A graphic here shows the support by administrators, teachers, parents and students at the elementary, middle and high school levels. This publication puts the blame on the potential costs for the uniform.

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There are 4 major issues confronting CCS, says this article.

With material and labor costs down, CCS school renovations and new construction projects have managed to stay in the black after all.

Kids Ohio has stated they’ll have a non-partisan guide for community leaders for the proposed CCS levy; the catch is it won’t be out until February 19th.

Students from Devonshire Elementary won first place in the Math Works for Kids competition.

Superintendent Harris announced the piloting of a more restrictive admissions process for accepting 9th grades into CAHS and Eastmoor Academy HS. The requirements for new students include a 3.0 GPA, scoring at the 90th percentile or above at a 6th grade standardized achievement test or been identified as “gifted and talented”.

A bit more on the closing of CCS for the first “snow” day of the year.

A.G. Bell will be demolished, and former students are planning a reunion.