CEA Legislative Assembly Supports 2008 Ohio Youth Agenda

oya.pngAt the most recent meeting of the Columbus Education Association’s Legislative Assembly, delegates unanimously approved a resolution of support for the 2008 Ohio Youth Agenda.

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WHEREAS the Ohio Youth Agenda is a non-partisan, student-led organization that has been in existence since February of 2007;

WHEREAS the membership of the Ohio Youth Agenda is comprised wholly of students from over 25 different rural, urban and suburban school districts from throughout the state of Ohio including Columbus City Schools;

WHEREAS the student leaders of the Ohio Youth Agenda are concerned with making positive social and political changes in their lives;

WHEREAS the nearly 175 members of the Ohio Youth Agenda Advisory Board have recently articulated and released the 2008 Youth Agenda;

WHEREAS over 3,000 high school seniors have been newly registered to vote by the Ohio Youth Agenda in the past month; and

WHEREAS the 2008 Ohio Youth Agenda calls for changes that include an in-depth, full curriculum, reduced class sizes, increased college preparation opportunities, youth leadership to prevent violence, a realistic Ohio Graduation Test, plans to prevent drop outs, appropriate education for incarcerated youth and a constitutional school funding system; Now, therefore be it

Resolved, That the Columbus Education Association Legislative Assembly—

(1)recognizes that the members of the Ohio Youth Agenda have begun to engage themselves in the democratic processes upon which the United States was founded; and

(2)expresses support for the Ohio Youth Agenda, the implementation of which will have a positive effect on teaching and learning throughout the state of Ohio.