Speak Out: Testing Time Waster

fox-testing-test1.jpgIt’s hard to believe we’re halfway through another school year.What’s astounding, however, is how much time testing has eaten from our classroom schedules since winter break.

Since Jan. 7, teachers have given nearly 30 standardized tests, including the Dominie, given in grades 2–5; quarterly assessments given in grades 2–12, and the full-length OAT practice test, given ingrades 3–8.


At minimum, that’s 60 hours spent giving the tests, not to mention the hours spent teaching the test format through sample questions andpractice exercises and filling out paperwork. Teachers are frustrated by the enormous amount of testing; and our students are burnt out, also.Click on the jump below to read more.Spring isn’t here yet and more testing is coming.


CEA wants the administration to reconsider the amount of testing required. This includes the time it takes to administer, score and scan the tests. Teachers have spent more time giving multiple assessments than instructing students in the month of January.


Another level of frustration in the testing saga is teachers have reported numerous mistakes on the quarterly assessments including no correct choices for test items, typing/keying errors and items that cover material not yet covered in the pacing guide. This is another example of the waste of valuable time our teachers spend correcting the errors made by the district.


We have forwarded to arbitration the grievance filed back in October and hope to resolve the testing issues. Stay tuned. And pay attention to the hours you are spending. It’s time the administration recognized that it is wasting the talent in our classrooms.


What are your thoughts on the amount of time you spend on testing and related activities?

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