Columbus City Schools Roundup: 1/14-1/18

ccs-logo.jpgColumbus City Council approved the Nationwide Arena valuation deal between CCS and the Arena’s owners, despite the fact that several city council members don’t think the issue of the Arena’s worth is truly settled.

Terry Boyd and Carole Perkins were unanimously elected President and Vice President of the Columbus Board of Education.

The 7 members of the Board spent an honest 8 hours assessing themselves and their performance; no word on if the group used multiple choice, short answer or extended response items for their assessment.

Is CCS getting its Superintendent on the cheap? Cincinnati Public Schools has 20,000 fewer students than CCS, yet their superintendent is paid $30,000 more than Dr. Harris earns.

The Ohio Department of Education announced its schools of distinction; CCS’s Columbus Alternative High School, Centennial High School and Clinton Elementary made the cut.