Speak Out: Credit Recovery Needs Help

Photo courtesy and copyright Erin Nekervis.

More than 100 teachers in Columbus City Schools give high school students a second chance at graduating through their active involvement in the district-wide Credit Recovery program (CR).

The 5- year-old program allows students to earn high school credits by retaking previously failed core academic courses through mastery- based computer software.

While CR has helped to increase high school graduation rates across the district, serious questions have been raised and remain unanswered about the day-to-day operations of the program.

Faculty Representatives framed the concerns and questions of their fellow teachers at a recent discussion on CR.

Should students who cut class during the day be admitted to CR during or after school?

Is training available for teachers who want to increase their proficiency with the software?

What is the policy regarding students who cheat during CR?

Should a student stop attending a regular class in order to spend more time participating in CR?

What is the policy on removing disruptive students enrolled in CR?

Should students be allowed to take CR simply to get a higher letter grade?

Should a lead teacher be designated and paid to do the administrative work required to manage CR?

Should additional staff be provided for the afterschool program in order to better serve students enrolled in CR?

CEA calls on the administration of CCS to assist teachers in their efforts to increase the graduation rate through CR by solving these problems in partnership with CEA. Our teachers are stepping up and making it happen for students— it is only fair that the administration do the same.

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