The survey says …

CEA recently surveyed members about the state of district-provided technology. More than 800 members responded, representing every CEA building/unit. CEA and the administration reviewed the results of the survey at their Nov. 12 Joint Labor-Management Committee meeting. Some of the findings are given below:

Infinite Campus: Nearly 90 percent of members surveyed use Infinite Campus. They overwhelmingly responded that the training was ineffective and that this new information system has made their jobs harder.

iPods: Of the elementary members who responded that they used iPods to test their students, two-thirds indicated the training they received was ineffective. Nearly 90 percent responded that testing took longer than the CCS-estimated time of ten minutes per student. More than 50 percent indicated they were a week or more behind on the reading pacing guide. More than 98 percent experienced technical difficulties. Half of the users lost student testing data, and more than two-thirds were unable to recover what was lost.

Hardware: Nearly 90 percent said CCS computers are slower to boot, login and launch an application than their own personal computers. More than two-thirds said it took six minutes or more to start a CCS-provided computer. Of the 2,640 student classroom workstations identified, a total of 505 were reported as non-functional. Twelve percent said they had no student workstations in their classrooms. One-third of those who contacted the district to replace or repair their hardware were still waiting for a response.

Software: Respondents identified more than 40 improperly functioning software titles. Nearly half of the members experienced problems using CCS-provided software. Less than half of those members contacted CCS for help. Forty-three percent of those who contacted CCS for help said that their software issue was fixed.

At the Joint Labor-Management Committee meeting, CEA also presented members’ responses to the survey’s open-ended questions, which filled more than 140 pages. Superintendent Harris directed Interim Chief Information Officer Michelle Van Dyke to investigate the survey’s findings. John Stanford, along with Van Dyke, will report back to the team at our next meeting, hopefully, with a response that fixes these long-standing problems.

To download a PDF version of the report presented at the Joint Labor-Management Meeting, enter the members-only download area of the CEA website at