Vote YES in your district

On Tuesday, Mar. 6, the South-Western City Schools and Westerville City Schools are asking voters for tax increases to support their school districts. Teachers for Better Schools, CEA’s political action arm, supports these efforts and encourages you to get behind them, too. Here are some good reasons why:

  • Property taxes remain the chief way we pay for our schools.
  • Unfortunately, the amount of taxes collected for school districts does not increase when property values increase, nor do they increase to cover the rising costs of education services. It takes approval from the voters to collect taxes at a higher rate.
  • More is expected of us in the classroom every year; but, without the funds, that will make these mandates impossible.

Not all the programs we cherish are funded by the state. It is up to us to maintain the high quality of art and music programs, to address classroom overcrowding and to provide additional supplies and experiences that give our kids the education that prepares them for life.

Show you care about the future: Vote YES on Issue 8 for South-Western City Schools and YES on Issue 10 for Westerville City Schools. Remember, education is the means through which our children and grandchildren (ours and our neighbors’) will grow into productive citizens.