A pictorial history of CEA's 280 day fight against S.B. 5

SB 5 was introduced on Tuesday, Feb. 1, and repealed 280 days later on Tuesday, Nov. 8. During that time, Columbus Education Association members were on the front lines of the struggle.

We  participated in countless meetings and rallies, helped collect many of the 1.3 million petition signatures, made untold numbers of phone calls, sent thousands of email messages and knocked on many doors to help achieve the more than 2.1 million “NO” votes on Issue 2 from Ohioans on Election Day 2011.

We have preserved for posterity our members’ efforts in more than 1,500 pictures of the many events surrounding our nearly year-long fight against this unfair, unsafe legislation that threatened all Ohioans.

Click HERE to see our members united in solidarity, fighting and helping to win a victory for all Ohioans.