"No" is the way to go

Many of us know that Issue 2 on the November ballot has something to do with Senate Bill 5. But what we need to make clear is that the right vote on this is NO. It can be confusing, since the ballot language will be phrased in such a way as to encourage a “yes” vote.

Just remember and tell everyone: NO on Issue 2 means we DON’T want Senate Bill 5 to remain on the books. We want it repealed. We need to encourage our friends, family and associates to vote NO when they see 2. How can we do this? It’s easy:

* Ask some folks over for coffee and dessert. Tell them why a “no” vote is personally important to you. Ask them to pledge to vote NO.

* Change the greeting on your cell or home phone to a short message reflecting your voting preference on this issue, and use the phrase: ” ‘No’ means ‘no’ on Issue 2.”

* Organize a group of supporters to gather for early voting. Sit together over coffee and fill out your absentee ballots, and then submit them together.

* Get creative! Make a T-shirt or a lawn sign, or even one to hang from the front of your house.

* Don’t forget to wear red every Thursday until we defeat Senate Bill 5.

* Visit http://bit.ly/helpwao or http://www.waofriends.com to build a team and keep in touch through your account.

Need talking points? Here are some:

* Issue 2/SB 5 eliminates our right to bargain over class size, restricts our consideration of longevity and use of step increases and limits the amount of sick leave you can accumulate. It prohibits new continuing contracts, requires merit-based pay, eliminates the right to strike and caps severance pay. If parties are unable to reach agreement on a contract, the public employer can choose to implement its own best offer.

* Issue 2/SB 5 puts the safety of all our families at risk by making it illegal for nurses, teachers and emergency responders to fight for safer staffing levels, critical safety equipment and training that protects them and safeguards our communities.

* Issue 2/SB 5 hurts Ohio families and blames public employees for a mess caused by Wall Street’s greed.

The people abusing the system are not the hard-working people of Ohio. They are the politicians making a special exemption just for themselves and upper management. The real crime here is the thousands of middle-class Ohioans whose rights have been stripped away while politicians pay back corporate donors.

You don’t solve the problems facing Ohio families by attacking them and putting their safety at risk.