Welcome back!


CEA President Rhonda Johnson

Welcome back! We at the CEA are preparing for a great school year. However, we are starting on a bittersweet note. Seventeen teachers from Superintendent Harris’ layoff list remain reduced, and we continue to fight for their jobs. However, 96 teachers have been recalled to work (or declined positions), a slight victory for our vigilance. We also hear that the state has received funds that could be applied to teacher salaries, if the governor so chooses.

We have seen the results of last year’s tests. Results were mixed. One big marker, our graduation rate, showed a slight dip. But we know it won’t stay there long. We’ve already made a lot of progress, and this year marks the beginning of a redoubled reform plan. Thanks to a $1.25 million grant from the NEA Foundation, CEA, along with the school district and United Way of Central Ohio, will begin implementing our effort to increase academic achievement in the Briggs and Linden-McKinley feeder patterns. Thirteen schools will be the intense focus of a community-wide effort to help their children and families address obstacles blocking success.

2010-11 also is a big contract year for us. Negotiations will begin this school year. CEA expects this round to be tough, and we will need your help. Keep watching for the surveys we will distribute, and be ready to meet with us to discuss the items and issues you would like considered.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that this November marks a pivotal election. We will vote for governor and reevaluate the performance of many of our legislators. TBS will keep you informed about the issues.

Remember: CEA is here for you. Let us know if you have questions or concerns, and have a wonderful year!


Rhonda Johnson
CEA President