Representing our members: CEA Delegates at the NEA RA: July 3, 2010

CEA delegates at the Ohio caucus before the start of the first day of the 2010 NEA RA. Photo: Robert Hern.

Delegates from the Columbus Education Association (CEA) attended the third Ohio caucus on the morning of July 3, 2010. The group listened to speeches from candidates running for National Education Association (NEA) positions. Ohio delegation members then turned toward electing six members to sit on the NEA Resolutions Committee.  

The Committee reviews proposed additions or amendments to NEA’s Resolutions. NEA’s Standing Rules define resolutions as “formal expressions of opinion, intent, belief or position of the Association.” Resolutions that are reviewed by this committee are then reported on at the following NEA Representative Assembly (RA).  The Resolutions Committee safeguards the formal review process that allows NEA RA delegates to maintain and revise the institutional beliefs of NEA.

CEA President Rhonda Johnson addresses the Ohio Caucus regarding an NBI for the 2010 NEA RA.

Each state receives a minimum of five seats on the committee, but due to its size and configuration, Ohio is afforded six seats on the body. A total of ten candidates from Ohio delivered campaign speeches for the six available seats. One of the candidates was CEA member Robin Jeffries. Jeffries serves as Vice President of Capital District and is a Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) teacher. After hearing from the candidates, Ohio delegates voted. Jeffries was elected with five other Ohio delegates to the NEA Resolutions Committee for a one year term.

Ohio delegates then began to take positions on New Business Items (NBIs) that will be brought before the more than 8,000 members of the RA during the four day event. NBIs are items that direct the NEA officers and staff to accomplish specific goals or outcomes that relate to NEA’s mission to serve as the national voice of education and advance the cause of public education for all students. After the caucus finished with that work, Ohio Education Association Vice President Bill Leibensperger adjourned the group to allow for travel time to the Morial Convention Center.

The first business session was called to order by President Dennis Van Roekel at 11 A.M. After delegates recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the national anthem, the introduction of committees and past and present officers began. Delegates then adopting NEA’s Standing Rules.