No Child Left Behind: State Of The Union Edition

nclb_lrg.gifThe blogosphere is awash with wonks, pundits and regular folks putting in their two cents about statements made in the State Of The Union (SOTU) about NCLB by President Bush.

Read just a few of them after the jump.

Edwonk gives his take on the SOTU; he even speculates that Education Secretary Margaret Spellings might be anti-charter.

Ohio blogger OhDave gives his perspective.

The United Federation of Teachers in NYC has a piece up about it too.

This former Capitol Hill staffer had a few things to say about “Pell Grants For Kids”– so did the New York Times.

If you’re wondering about the validity of what the President said regarding NCLB, check out the non-partisan, non-profit Annenberg Fact Check. (Hat tip to JSR @ the E-Team.)