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The Reform Panel

Sometimes individual schools require changes to the Master Agreement or to Board Policy. On these occasions, they turn to the Reform Panel to make these changes called “variances.” This joint committee of administrators and CEA representatives, including the superintendent and CEA President Rhonda Johnson, meet each month to consider such requests.

Sometimes workplace variances are needed to accommodate the curriculum. At other times, some of us have ideas that we believe would improve instruction in our classroom or building. This process allows us to implement those ideas without violating or renegotiating our contract.

Here’s how it works: If you have an idea that isn’t provided by our Master Agreement or school board policy, fill out a variance form which asks you to explain the program’s expected outcomes and rationale for the change. Then present your idea to the Reform Panel. Your principal must sign the form, and two-thirds of your building peers must agree to the idea. Parent involvement in some matters (such as a school schedule or a uniform policy) also is essential.

For more information on the Reform Panel, consult Article 1503 of your contract.