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Assault upon teachers

Each year, dozens of teachers file assault charges against students of all ages. You can file charges by calling the police to your home or building, filing with your School Resource Officer or going to Juvenile Court.

CEA will help you through the process. Any teacher who is assaulted should file charges, fill out an Accident Report form and use Assault Leave as necessary. It is important to complete the paperwork to provide the District with teacher assault data.

If You Are Assaulted:

1. If you need immediate medical attention, get it. You can later secure a medical opinion. Take pictures of visible injuries. You may be eligible for Assault Leave. (See Section 701.02 (D) of the CEA
Master Agreement.)

2. Refrain from making statements unless you are advised by legal counsel.

3. Immediately contact your administrator, faculty representative and CEA to let them know an assault has taken place.

4. Give your administrator a concise written account of the incident and a completed SCH-190.

Include attacker?s name, address, phone, birth date, race and parent information. Make several copies for your files.

5. Your principal should contact appropriate personnel and secure written statements from all parties involved. You should request copies.

6. Administration should notify proper agencies, including the police. You have the right to call 911 and Columbus Police (645-4545) yourself. You have the right to make a police report and to file charges.

7. Complete a CCS Incident Report form. Also, file a Workers? Compensation Claim if applicable. Contact the CCS Treasurer?s office.)

8. As soon as possible, write a detailed statement of the incident for your personal files.

9. Keep all records of the incident.

10. CEA will accompany you through the process.

Absences, reporting of

Here’s the problem. Members think there is a shortage of substitutes. When teachers are absent, there never seems to be substitutes to take their classes.

Don’t believe it. What is really happening is that some teachers may not be following the correct procedures for calling in absences, and some administrators may not be reporting teachers’ absences to SEMS in a timely manner. Even those among us who follow the rules are having problems because there are other colleagues and principals who are not. It’s a domino effect.

You must call SEMS, or you must call your principal if you find you cannot attend school due to an illness or emergency. You must make the call at least one hour and 30 minutes prior to your normal required reporting time, or as soon as possible thereafter. If possible, please estimate the duration of the absence.

If you know you will be absent for longer than 10 school days or you have already been absent that long, you must submit an absence form to Human Resources by the 10th day of your absence and include a physician?s statement.

Before returning, teachers must contact Human Resources with written notice at least three school days before intending to return to work. If you have been absent Monday through Thursday, you must inform your school administrator of your return in advance; that is, by 2 p.m. the day before you wish to return.

Please review the Master Agreement, Section 701.03, to learn about other situations and their requirements. Call us if you need clarification.