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Tips For Parent-Teacher Conferences

v2.194: September 10th (Good Day for Mommies) by flickr user Phoney Nickle.

v2.194: September 10th (Good Day for Mommies) by flickr user Phoney Nickle.

As the quarter quickly draws to a close and we approach the month of November, many CEA members will begin to have their parent-teacher conferences; for many, it will be their first. With that in mind, The CEA Blog offers the following:

Ms. Cornelius is a veteran teacher-blogger who describes herself as “An Okie teacher banished to the Midwest”. She has thoughtfully offered up some of her wisdom for teachers within reach of the internet on how to have a productive, engaging parent teacher conference on her blog, A Shrewdness of Apes.

Who doesn’t want to make parent teacher conference time go more smoothly?
Let’s remember: you’ve probably worked all day and barely had time to grab a bite to eat, and then you sit and meet with parents rapid-fire in ten or fifteen minute increments.

So here’s some tips:
1. Dress professionally in welcoming colors that flatter your skin tone. I like blue or green due to my coloring. Avoid red or black. Think about matadors and bulls here.

If you can, don’t wear your dressy clothes all day– they will be wrinkled and possibly sweaty if your schools HVAC works as well as mine does. Wear comfortable clothes during the day, and then change after the kids leave.

Brush your teeth before the parents come, too.

To read the rest of Ms. Cornelius’ tips, head on over to A Shrewdness of Apes and read the full post.