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The $230 Million High School

highway.jpgThe CEA Blog will continue to bring you edu-blogosphere news to interest, excite and amaze for the summer. In this edition, the United States Department of Education “flip-flops”, a Pennsylvania superintendent resigns for an unbeliveable reason, Teach For America fails to account for $775,000 in spent federal grant money, learn the 5 things you need to know about teaching (and teaching reading and math) and of course, learn about the high school that cost $230 million dollars to build.

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37,857 Ohio Students May Not Graduate This Year

dc2008-cover-toc.jpgDiplomas Count, an annual report produced in conjunction with Education Week and Editorial Projects in Education (EPE) was released today, measuring high school graduation rates across the nation. Additional information for each state and each U.S. congressional district was also included in the study. The class of 2005 was the most recent graduating class to be profiled.

Nationally, Ohio ranked 16th with a 75.9% graduation rate. Ohio performed five percentage points higher than the national average of 70.6%. New Jersey, Iowa and Wisconsin took the top three spots respectively, with the Garden State posting an 83.3% average graduation rate. Nevada occupied the bottom rung with a 45.4% graduation rate.

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Lowest Paid Teacher Now Earns $63 Billion

It’s not April 1st, nor has this site become affiliated with The Onion. Teachers in Zimbabwe were awarded over a 1,000% raise, bringing their lowest paid teachers’ salary up to $63 billion (Zimbabwe dollars) per month.

Keep in mind that inflation is raging in Zimbabwe at roughly 1.7 million percent (though the government estimates it’s currently at 170,000%) so the lowest-paid Zimbabwean teacher would earn roughly $2,100 US dollars per month. The Zimbabwean teachers’ union has asked for $76 billion, and authorities in the country estimate that a family of six needs on average $100 billion per month to live on.

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