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The 167th Carnival of Education!

Image copyright and courtesy Bob Kueppers.Welcome to the Carnival of Education! This is the 167th carnival, and the second time The CEA Blog has hosted this wonderful collection of rantings, musings, quotations, ideas, thoughts, inspirations, realizations and the like. The 168th edition will be hosted by the Education Wonks; email them at owlshome {at} earthlink {dot} net, or use this handy submission form. Yes, for those of you wondering, the picture is a snapshot of our fair city. Without further ado, click on the jump below and…. let’s Carnival!

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55 Reasons To Attend Capital Day 2008!


Approve The AFL-CIO Partnership: A Proven Track Record

afl-cio_logo.jpgTalking about working for economic and social justice is one thing, but the AFL-CIO has a proven track record. They have brought about substantive change that benefits working families. The AFL-CIO has been able to effect change at the local and the state level through grassroots activism and supporting progressive candidates.

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