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A Nation At Risk: The McFly Principle

The blogosphere has been awash recently with posts about the 25th anniversary of “A Nation At Risk” (ANAR). For the uninitiated, ANAR was a report received by President Ronald Reagan that American schools were lacking compared to other nation’s educational systems. Without reform, the report said, American students would be in a race– for the bottom.

The CEA Blog has been fortunate enough to acquire a slightly used Flux Capacitor and retrofit a union-made car for the trip of a lifetime. We asked a number of edu-bloggers the question “What would the American educational landscape be like today if A Nation At Risk were never released?” and loaned them the time machine. Their trips produced interesting posts; they’ll begin popping up next week.

AFT: Ohio Has Model K-12 Math, Science Standards

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) recently released “Sizing Up State Standards 2008”, a report that analyzes the content standards written by individual states. Ohio’s K-12 Math and Science standards were ranked as “model” standards, but English and Social Studies weren’t ranked. You can read what AFT wrote about it on their blog, or download (PDF) the whole report.

Bus Drivers, Custodians, Maintenance Workers All Fired.

Image courtesy Michigan Education Association.The Southfield Board of Education in East Lansing, Michigan voted recently to place pink slips in the mailboxes of all of the district’s bus drivers, aides, maintenance workers and custodians– over 350 union jobs in total.

The district isn’t leaving those positions unfilled, however. In the same vote, they decided to privatize those jobs, outsourcing them to two for-profit school service companies.

The Michigan Education Association’s affiliate that represented the employees (SMESPA) presented a package to the board that would have cut costs to the district by approximately $18 million over the three years of the pact and created cost-sharing between the union and the district. Despite this extremely generous offer, the school board still voted 5-2 against the proposal.

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