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CCS, CEA Dispute Anti-Teacher Group’s "Facts"

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CEA Responds To Anti-Union Group’s Smear Campaign

cea-logo_quarter.JPGThe recent campaign launched by the Center For Union Facts (CUF) has wrongly placed the highly qualified and hard-working teachers of the Columbus Education Association in its crosshairs with the release of its anti-teacher smear campaign.

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Columbus Teacher: Required Tests Aren’t Worth The Lost Time In Classroom

This letter to the editor appeared in the Columbus Dispatch on Saturday, March 8th.

2064177274_1741a97dd3_m.jpgAs a middle-school Pre-Algebra and Algebra I teacher, I strongly agree with the teachers’ concerns expressed in the Feb. 13 Dispatch article “Teachers disgruntled over volume of tests.” However, some of the information was incomplete or inaccurate.

Not only elementary but also middle-school students were subjected to taking the full-length (2.5 hours per subject) practice Ohio Achievement Tests to prepare for the real tests in April. They had already done a week of half-length practice tests in September.

In January, eighth-graders were required to take tests in all four academic areas, immediately after completing a week of quarterly assessments in the same subjects. When I informed my homeroom of this Columbus City School District requirement, one young man pleaded, “Don’t they know we’re tired of taking tests?”

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