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Yes On Labor Solidarity Partnership

afl-cio_logo.jpgIn the spring of 2006, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO signed the historic Labor Solidarity Partnership Agreement. Years in the making, this agreement allows NEA locals, such as the Columbus Education Association to affiliate directly with the national AFL-CIO, as well as join AFL-CIO labor councils and state labor federations.

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Voices From 1975: The Strike (Part 4)

Despite its contentious birth, the 1973-1975 Master Agreement between the Columbus Education Association and the Board of Education was a landmark achievement in the history of CEA. Since 1968, the Board and the Association had only been able to agree to a series of single-year contracts, prompting the negotiations process to begin anew, providing for little substantial change from one agreement to the next. The 1973-1975 Master Agreement marked the first multi-year contract in the Association’s history. 

The Master Agreement between CEA and the Columbus Board of Education is a living document– just like the Constitution of the  United States, it changes over time. Much of the exact language of the 1973 contract still resides in the current Master Agreement, but many additions have been negotiated in since then. The contract at that time only numbered 48 pages; the current Master Agreement is 156 pages in length.  

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CCS Roundup: 1/21- 2/1

Photo courtesy and copyright Erin Nekervis.Linden-McKinley High School is in the running to be a STEM school.

A bill currently being considered by the Ohio Senate Education Committee would ban teacher strikes in the state; CEA President Rhonda Johnson spoke out regarding the proposed legislation.

Superintendent Harris utters the “P” word, we can’t even say it.

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