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Columbus City Schools Roundup: 1/7-1/11

Photo copyright and courtesy Ambergris.More kids are getting free tutoring in CCS.

One new elementary and two new middle schools join the CCS building roster.

Terry Boyd was reelected Board President and declares the CCS levy to be the number one goal of the Board; Carol Perkins joins him as Vice President; newcomer Gary Baker participates in his first board meeting and speaks about his goals for the coming school year.

In more Board of Education news, Board Member W. Carlton Weddington has thrown his hat into another political ring.

More about CCS’s Project Mentor reaching its goal of 1,000 volunteers here.

Many of the former students of the now defunct Harte Crossroads Charter School have rejoined CCS, but the failed charter’s financial mess hasn’t gone away; the forensic accountant has said “Show me the money” but the former founder/ operator has since left Columbus.

Let’s Carnival– The Carnival of Education!

cea-logo_quarter.JPGThe Columbus Education Association is pleased as punch to host the 153rd edition of the Carnival of Education on our new blog. Located in Ohio’s capital city, CEA and its ancestor organizations have represented the teachers of Columbus City Schools since 1871. More about our history here. Click on the jump below to proceed to the 153rd edition of the Carnival of Education!

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KIPP Charter School In Columbus: To Be Housed In a CCS Building?

Facade of North High School. Copyright R. Gust Smith.At the December 18th, 2007 Columbus Board of Education meeting, an updated version of the district’s real estate plan was presented to all seven members by Carole Oshavsky. The senior executive in charge of capital improvements, Oshavsky’s report updated the board on progress in the renovation and construction of new and existing schools. In addition, updates were made regarding land acquisition for new school sites as well as plans for vacant buildings within the district. The potential lease of two district buildings to charter schools outside of the district was presented to the Board, an event completely ignored by every local media outlet.

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