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IPO For Ohio Virtual Charter School Operator Falls Short

continental_currency_one-third-dollar_17-feb-76_obv.jpgK12, a for-profit Virginia-based operator of virtual charter schools in 10 different states held an initial public offering of its stock last week; the company did not do quite as well as they had hoped.

Only 63% of its hoped for $172.5 million was raised, but the Washington Post reported K12’s share price raised 36%. The company has operated the Ohio Virtual Academy since the 2002-2003 school year and currently enrolls 3,408 students in Ohio and over 27,000 in its combined operation.

Both the Ohio Virtual Academy and Columbus City Schools earned a Continuous Improvement rating for the 2006-2007 school year, but that is where the similarities end.

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Pro-Charter School Argument Flawed?

When backers legislated into existence the option to create charter schools, they argued that these choices for parents would allow them to escape their failing schools and school districts. Today, no urban district has been given an “F” rating; only three earned a “D” rating. This begs the question:

Now that big urban districts and individual schools are improving across the board, what alternatives are charters actually providing?

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(Hat-tip to Jill Miller Zimon at Writes Like She Talks.)

CEA Foundation Offers Supplemental Educational Services to CCS Students

In early September of this year, The CEA Voice reported that the Columbus Education Association Foundation had become certified by the Ohio Department of Education to provide Supplemental Education Services (SES) to Columbus City Schools students under the No Child Left Behind Legislation (NCLB). The CEA Foundation will be completely responsible for managing the hiring, curriculum and federal money that comes with the program. This is the only SES program in the state of Ohio to be run through a local teacher’s union.

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